6 Reasons to Kick the Nail Biting Habit

There are many who bite their nails, and some may be reading this while doing exactly that and not even realize they’re doing it. The habit can seem relatively harmless; you’re just biting on a little ol’ fingernail, right? Not exactly. You may be surprised at the problems that could occur. If you’re ready to kick the nail biting habit, keep reading for reasons that could inspire you to quit cold turkey.

You’re Chewing on Dirt
Think about how many surfaces your fingers touch on a daily basis: doors, menus, bathroom counters, subway poles, dirty sponges, etc. Dirt and bacteria get trapped under your nails, so when you’re chewing on your fingernails or you actually use your teeth to get that dirt out from underneath, you’re putting all that in your mouth which leads us to…

You’re Putting Your Health at Risk
All those germs that are going into your mouth when you’re biting your fingernails could easily lead to you getting sick. Not only is it just miserable in general to be sick, but it can also be incredibly expensive and take up your time from other things you could be doing.

You’re Ruining the Appearance of Your Nails
If you keep chewing your nails, they’re going to look bloody, unkempt, flaky, and a whole host of other negatives you probably don’t want happening. This isn’t to say you have to keep your nails professionally manicured at all times but you’re likely not going to be thrilled with how your nails look if you continue with the habit especially if you work in a professional setting.

It Can Make Using Your Fingers Painful
Have you ever had a cut on your finger and you used hand sanitizer or did the dishes? We’re guessing it didn’t feel too pleasant, so when you’re constantly chewing away at your nails and biting at the cuticles, you’re creating wounds that could make even typing or texting problematic especially if you develop an infection.

You’re Opening Yourself Up to Infection
Speaking of getting an infection from nail biting, it’s a very real possibility. You’re letting all kinds of bacteria cause issues especially if you have a wound already present and you’re biting away at your nails. You could end up seeing redness and swelling, experiencing pain, and seeing pus.

It Doesn’t Make You Look Confident
Biting your nails typically signifies to others that you’re nervous about something, so whether you’re out on a date, in the office, meeting with clients, or essentially interacting with others at any time, biting your nails could make it appears as though you’re anxious, worried, or you’re not confident. This might not bode well in a variety of situations.

From wearing gloves to sporting nail polish, there are several options to consider when you want to stop the nail biting habit, but above all, seek help from your doctor if you want tips that are tailored specifically to you.