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Anti-Aging Tips for Hands

Your hands to a lot for you. Really, they do so much for you and endure quite a lot. In fact, stop reading for a moment at the end of this sentence and think about the things your hands—more than any other part of your body—have to endure, on a daily basis no less! Done? We’re willing to bet you came up with at least a few things without having to think too hard. See, our hands are one of, if not the primary tool we as Homo sapiens have for interacting with our environment. This inevitably means they get a lot of wear and tear. With all the things our hands touch, they’re certainly exposed to a lot of germs and many different kinds of surfaces and objects, not all of which may be soft and friendly on them. Compounding this is the fact that in order to combat said germs, we have to wash our hands all the time, which helps keep things sanitary, but also strips away vital oils and the like.

So today, Vine Vera decided to turn our anti-aging advice towards the hands, and what you need to know to keep them looking and feeling great.

Hand Cream
Lotion is always a good stopgap after washing hands if you don’t have a hand cream handy, but you should get in the habit of keeping one on hand (pun intended!). Hand creams are specially formulated to help the hands manage with the regular wear and tear they experience regularly. Look for a heavy formula with moisture-attracting ingredients like hyaluronic acid, and apply at least twice a day.

Hand Lotion at Every Sink
Do be sure to follow the above tip and use hand creams a couple times a day, but in the interim, consider setting next to every sink in your house (and even at work if they’ll let you) a hand lotion dispenser, and rubbing in a generous dollop after every hand washing. This will help replenish the moisture lost when you wash your hands, which is important for a couple reasons; you want to mitigate potential damage from natural oil loss, but you also want to prevent becoming afraid of hand washing, because if you start avoiding sinks for fear of drying your hands out, that’s not exactly good for hygiene, and could get you sick. As such, putting lotion by the sinks can let you avoid hand-washing fear.

Woman with red nail polish.

Just like a well-applied, artfully chosen lipstick can make the face “pop” and give a youthful impression, the same holds true of manicured nails making hands look younger. Almond-shaped nails are worth trying, and fun pinks and deep reds will help quite a bit.

Biotin is one of the forms of vitamin B, and this form, in particular, helps strengthen nails, so eat a lot of it for good nails. Walnuts, salmon, and avocado are great sources of biotin.

Sun Protection
One more thing to mention about hand creams: make sure they have SPF. We don’t usually think about it, but hands are just as vulnerable as any other part of the body with skin that’s exposed to UV rays. Worse yet, hand washing means any sunscreen on your hands gets washed off at some point. Be sure to reapply with an SPF hand cream after washing if you’re going outside at all.