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Wine bath tub in a spa

Wine Baths for Good Health?

It’s no secret that drinking red wine in moderation can be quite beneficial to your health. Furthermore, it’s beginning to come to light that compounds found […]

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Woman in a Parisian plaza

French Beauty Secrets

It’s hard to argue with the idea that the French tend to be seen as a very beautiful, refined people, and many American women often find […]

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Woman with a braided crown hairstyle.

How to Amp Up Braided Hairstyles

When you’re looking for a hairstyle that doesn’t take too much effort, but still looks pretty good and is more complex than say, a simple ponytail, […]

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Artist applying foundation on a woman's face.

Next Level Beauty Trend: Strobing

Makeup is a cornerstone in the quest for looking your best and being proud of your appearance. It’s used to enhance and bring out your best […]

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