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Biking down the street

Vine Vera Exercise Guide: Biking – Vine Vera Reviews

Today Vine Vera brings you yet another installment of our exercise guide, this time we will focus on biking for exercise. Everyone knows that getting healthy […]

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To fighters engaging in a round of boxing

Vine Vera Exercise Guide: Boxing and Kickboxing – Vine Vera Reviews

Today’s exercise guide from Vine Vera focuses on boxing and kickboxing. For decades professional fighters epitomized what it meant to ‘be fit’. They would hit the […]

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Fitness dance zumba class aerobics. Women dancing happy energetic in gym fitness class.

Vine Vera Exercise Guide: Dance – Vine Vera Reviews

Dance has long been a favorite pastime for ages. In the ballrooms of London, England, it was commonplace amongst royalty to throw elaborate parties, complete with […]

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Vine Vera’s New Year’s Resolutions for Mature Skin: Problems and Solutions – Vine Vera Reviews

With aging comes an entirely new onslaught of skin care regimens and worries. There are new serums, creams, and things to look out for and prevent. […]

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