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Tablet showing vitamin A retinol

Biggest Retinol Myths

It seems to be a fairly common phenomenon that when something popular exists, there will be misinformation about it floating around in spades, and especially so […]

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Common skin concerns

Retinol Myths Busted

Retinol is a very popular skincare ingredient and has many valid uses in the skincare industry and an anti-aging ingredient in creams, serums, and the like. […]

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Tired woman

Why You Feel Tired All the Time (and How to Fix it)

Being constantly tired isn’t fun at all. It may seem like no matter how hard you try to stay alert, you’re just always on the verge […]

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Zen bedroom

Make Your Bedroom an Oasis

Your bedroom should—ideally speaking—be a place where you can relax, feel utterly at ease, and de-stress, whether at the end of a long, hard day, or […]

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