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Can You Drink Wine with Your Cat Now? Vine Vera Reviews

For those who are wine lovers and cat owners, this breaking revelation will either shock you, or excite you: wine for cats is now an actual thing. Yes, you read that right.

Vine Vera uncovered some new information regarding this breakthrough beverage made just for our beloved feline friends. The product is known as Nyan Nyan Noveau, and is a beverage blended – sans alcohol – of cabernet grapes and catnip. This clever little concoction is sure to be a hit at your next party, or on special holiday occasions, where you can invite your friends to bring their cats and they can all enjoy a nice glass – or, bowl – of Nyan Nyan Noveau! Apparently, this drink’s name has two words – Nyan Nyan – that means ‘The Cat’s Meow’.

This product was crafted in Japan by B&H Lifes, where they realized there is truly a market for gourmet and luxury pet products that the cat owners can enjoy their beloved feline friend indulging in, while they enjoy a glass of Cabernet themselves. Apparently, this isn’t the only luxury type product to be served to anything less than adult humans. The Japanese have come up with a special beer – again, sans alcohol – for children! This product is actually just a fizzy apple juice drink, but the parents of Japan serve this on special occasions where toasts are raised and on important dates and holidays. It seems as though the Japanese have got it all figured out!

Vine Vera believes there will be many mixed opinions on the theory of wine for cats, even though it contains zero alcohol. For those who are keen on giving it a try for their cats, here are some tips on how, and when, to serve it.

  • Host a party and invite all of your friends who have cats to bring their cats over. While you sip wine, give your kitties a small bowl of their own to indulge in.
  • Use it during holiday dinner parties for guests with cats while the pet parents are enjoying dinner or drinks.
  • On a relaxing, rainy night, when you are indulging in your own glass of wine, serve some Nyan Nyan Noveau to your kitty and relax with some classical music.
  • If you have family and friends with cats, perhaps a bottle of Nyan Nyan Noveau may be the perfect hostess gift for holiday parties, pet birthday parties, or gifts for holidays.
  • Give your cat a small portion as a treat for being so sweet!

We’re curious as to how our readers feel about this new innovation in pet luxury. We like to think it’s a cute addition to any holiday party or gathering, or special occasion.