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vine vera banner presents The Dangers of At-Home Hair Treatments

The Dangers of At-Home Hair Treatments

Walk through store aisles and you’ll see plenty of hair treatments that you can quickly grab, pay a fraction of what you would pay in a […]

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Woman getting hair cut

Secrets To Great Hair

Many of us want hair that we can feel good about. There’s just something about our hair looking fabulous that adds a little extra bounce in […]

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Woman applying lipstick

Spring 2016 Hair and Makeup

Dreaming of warm, spring weather? We are too, which is why we rounded up some of the most prominent hair and makeup trends for spring 2016. […]

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Woman with beautiful makeup

Taking Care of Hair in the Winter

Winter brings great holidays, beautiful snow and a great reason to buy those cashmere gloves, but it also comes with some negatives. Damaged hair is one […]

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