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Pumpkins during fall.

Most Nutritious Fall Foods

Autumn is well known as a time of harvest; a time of year when farmers and gardeners in this hemisphere know to go gather up the […]

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Woman checking her temperature

Dangers of Vitamin C Deficiency – Vine Vera Reviews

Vitamin C is essential for survival, and not only is a high blood level of vitamin C beneficial for your health in a multitude of ways, […]

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Guy having a salad.

Healthy Snack Ideas for Men – Vine Vera Reviews

Vine Vera’s made it clear on multiple occasions that what you eat has a profound impact on the quality of your skin, not to mention your […]

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Fresh fruit

Are You Getting Sick of Fruit? Vine Vera Reviews

Fruits are delicious, and they’re a healthy part of a balanced diet. They  taste great, are convenient to snack on, usually pretty inexpensive,  and are really […]

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