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Choosing The Right All Natural Deodorant

Many of us wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without first putting on deodorant, and if it happens to be all natural, that’s even better. While it has become much easier to find an all natural deodorant, choosing one isn’t always so simple, and you certainly don’t want one that’s going to fail you especially at the wrong time. Don’t worry, because we can help out with that. The following are some of the tips that can help you choose a natural deodorant that won’t let you down.

Ask For Recommendations
Social media is great for a lot of things, and asking for recommendations is one of them. Whether you ask friends on your account or you join a group or website and ask for advice, there are plenty of people who can point you in the right direction as to which natural deodorant you may like. Whichever garners the most positive responses, that’s a good option to start with.

Do Your Research
You’re going to want to do your own research as well when you’re choosing a natural deodorant. For example, once you get a product in mind that may be ideal for you, read some relatively recent reviews about it and see what others have had to say. The more positive, genuine reviews, the better.

Decide Between Scented vs. Unscented
When it comes to choosing a natural deodorant, you may consider one of the most important factors to be the scent. There are unscented varieties as well as ones that come in scents such as lavender (essential oils are typically used), so before you start shopping, consider whether you would rather lean toward scented varieties or ones that are unscented.

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Decide on Application Type
There are several different ways to apply natural deodorant. For example, while you’ll find the stick variety you’ll also come across other types as well such as sprays. Many have a preference when it comes to deodorant application, and knowing which type you would rather use can help you narrow down your options.

Read the Label
One of the most important aspects of choosing a natural deodorant is to read the label and check out the ingredients. There shouldn’t be a long list of synthetic ingredients but rather ingredients such as baking soda or lemongrass. Additionally, even though the ingredients are natural, read through them and make sure there’s not anything that could cause you to have an allergic reaction.

Give It a Test Run
There are two different tests that you want to do when you finally buy a natural deodorant and you’re ready to use it. The first is to do a patch test. Before you apply it under your arms you want to make sure your body isn’t going to have a negative reaction to it. Once you pass that step, it’s best to do a test run of the product to see how it works for you. For example, instead of wearing it to work your first time using it, try it when you know you’re going to be home for the day just so you can see how and if it really works.

One last thing to note about using a natural deodorant is that you’ll likely have to reapply it at some point throughout the day unlike what you would do with standard deodorants, so make sure to keep it with you when you’re on the go.