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Circulation and Your Skin

A lot of varied factors affect the quality and appearance of your skin. Sun damage, collagen levels, general nutrition, moisture, and a dozen other things that skincare companies like Vine Vera aim to address with high-quality and effective products to nourish and protect your skin in order to maintain the best appearance and feel you can.

But one factor that often goes ignored, which is not only important for your general health, but also critical to maintaining good looking skin, is circulation. Your circulatory system is the network of blood vessels—veins, arteries, and capillaries—that transports blood throughout your body. This system is obviously necessary for your survival, because blood caries oxygen and various compounds all over your body to keep all your cells functioning and healthy. It follows, then, since good health in general tends to correlate with good skin (think about all the times we’ve talked about antioxidants or vitamin C—both things that are great for your overall health—and their numerous applications within skincare), that good circulation is good for your skin. There are a number of reasons for his, but we’ll go over that in a moment.

How Does Circulation Help My Skin?
First off, skin is not entirely opaque. It’s a little bit translucent; not by much, but enough that the blood flowing underneath it affect its color. As such, having good circulation gives you a brighter, more rosy appearance thanks to the red tint of blood (do you remember that myth that says blood is blue until it comes out of your body and makes contact with the air? It’s just that: a myth. If we had blue blood, we’d have bluish skin, too, because of the translucent properties we just mentioned).

Additionally, though circulation improved the efficiency at which your circulatory system can transport oxygen and essential nutrients all over your body. This of course puts less stress on your heart (always a good thing!) because it doesn’t have to beat as hard or as fast, but it also improves the health of your cells, because they’re now getting things brought to them faster and better. This translates to your skin cells, too, meaning healthier, more efficiently-produced skin in general.

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How Can I Get Good Circulation?
There are a number of ways to get your circulation up to par so that you can enjoy the health and skin benefits of a healthy circulatory system. The number one method is regular exercise, and specifically cardiovascular exercise. It’s fairly well known that regular cardio is good for your heart, and your heart is, of course, the linchpin of your circulatory system, so what’s good for your heart is good for your circulation.

Regular consumption of caffeine, in moderation (try to stay under 400 mg a day), can also benefit your circulation, because of the way it stimulates your heart. Don’t go overboard, but that cup of morning coffee or tea could actually be helping your health and your skin by contributing—at least in a small part—to good circulation.