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Cleanse Your Pores with Sea Salt

Chances are you’re familiar with how great sea salt can be to use in food, but did you know that it could also be used for cleansing your pores? It’s an inexpensive item that might make a pretty big difference in your beauty routine. The best part is that each of the following items are easy to make right in your kitchen, not to mention you’ll know every natural item that’s going into each product. Ready to get started?

Face Scrub
Considering how delicate the skin on your face is, you’re going to want to use a very fine sea salt. This allows you to get the exfoliation you want without the product being too harsh. A little coconut oil mixed in with fine sea salt can do wonders for creating a lovely face scrub that will cleanse your pores with ease.

Body scrub

Body Scrub
Using a sea salt scrub to cleanse pores on your body can be a wonderful experience. You feel all the dead skin being sloughed off and you know gorgeous-looking skin awaits once you step out of the shower. A great little mix for summer can be to combine coconut oil with a pick-me-up of citrus by adding in lemon essential oil with a bit of lime zest.

Scalp Scrub
Think of how much build-up is likely on your scalp, not to mention it’s almost constantly exposed to the elements whenever you’re outdoors. A bit of exfoliation can do wonders for cleansing the pores. Try mixing a little sea salt with a clarifying shampoo. Make sure you rinse thoroughly. You don’t want to use it too often, however, as it could dry out your scalp. Speak with your hair stylist who can give you a good recommendation of how often you should use it based on your specific hair type and condition.

Foot Soak
Not only can you use sea salt to help cleanse the pores on your feet, but it feels absolutely incredible in the process. A personal favorite is using a peppermint foot soak. Mix some sea salt with Epsom salt and blend together with peppermint essential oil, then put some of it in a warm basin of water. Soak your feet for a good 20 minutes, and by the time you’re finished, even your muscles should feel more relaxed. While your feet are still wet, you can also use your hands to rub a bit of the extra mixture on your feet focusing on the rough spots, then rinse and dry thoroughly. For a finishing touch, apply some lotion then put on socks.

Hand scrub

Hand Scrub
Your hands do a lot throughout the day. Maybe they cook, clean, or type, hold a baby, pet a dog or cat, come in contact with chemicals, help you get your hair just right, zip you into your favorite dress, or hold the hand of a person you love. They deserve to be pampered and look their best! If you’re a fan of apple cinnamon, you could mix sea salt with a bit of apple essential oil, a dash of cinnamon, and a bit of almond oil. Rinse well, and don’t touch your eyes!

From coconut oil and lavender essential oil to grapeseed oil and honey, there are so many different ingredients you can combine with sea salt to make a beauty product that’s perfect for you. Not only is it a fun project to do at home, one that can save you quite a bit of money, but it’s also a great activity to do with kids to educate them about what goes into different products.

Keep in mind that the scrubs are meant to be on the thicker side, so avoid adding too much oil. It should have a consistency that’s thick enough without being runny so that it stays together well. Your best bet is to add only a little of each ingredient at a time so you’ll be sure to get the type of product you want.

If you have any skin sensitivities, keep in mind that you should always consult with a doctor beforehand regarding what ingredients to use. Also, regardless of what type of skin you have, make sure to first do a spot test to make sure your skin and the product work well together.