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Eye Care Basics

Your eyes both your windows to the rest of the world, and everyone else’s windows into yours. That may sound a bit fanciful, but our point here is that your eyes are important because of both how they allow you to see, and the role eye contact plays in polite interactions with others. You want to take care of your eyes in order to keep your vision strong, and you want to make sure they look good because people will look at your eyes to read your emotions, show they’re paying attention to what you’re saying, and to connect with you emotionally.

What a cruel irony, then, that so many common skincare issues and pitfalls happen on the skin around the eyes! Keeping up with your eye care and around-the-eye skincare can certainly be challenging, but it’s well worth it, and Vine Vera’s going to walk you thought the basics of eye care so that you’re ready to handle it.

Woman using eye cream.

Eye Creams
Technically, you can apply the same moisturizer that goes everywhere else on your face to your eyes too, and many people do it without thinking. However, it’s highly recommended you get a separate eye cream just for the under-eye area, which you should apply first, before facial moisturization. The skin right under your eyes is thinner, more delicate, and more sensitive, so it’s important to treat it right. Eye creams like what you’ll find in Vine Vera’s eye collection are specially formulated for this skin area’s specific needs.

Woman sleeping.

Dealing with Dark Circles
Dark circles under the eye is a common complaint when it comes to eye-centric skincare. This can be caused by a number of things, but is often at least partly triggered by sleep deprivation, meaning the first tip to alleviating dark circles is to get more sleep! Everyone needs 7-9 hours a day, so if you’re not getting something within that range, restructure your day to accommodate it.

However, getting the rest you need won’t always make them go away on their own. Eye creams, as discussed above, are helpful with preventing dark circles, and they can be masked with under-eye concealer. You can also try the tried and tested cucumber treatment if you need an extra boost of dark-circle-fighting power. Just cut the peels off two thin slices of cucumber, lie down, close your eyes, and lay them on top of your closed eyes. Stay like this for at least fifteen minutes, then discard them.

Woman with puffy eyes

Another major concern is puffiness. For this, getting eye creams with a small amount of caffeine can be quite helpful, because caffeine influences blood vessels in such a way that the volume of tissue displaced by your blood in under-eye vessels can be decreased dramatically, reducing or even eliminating puffiness. You can even try putting cold, wet, black or green teabags under your eyes and leaving them there for 10 minutes if you really need some help with this issue.


Bloodshot Eyes
Redness in the eyes themselves can be caused by a number of things, and while occasionally indicative of a more serious problem, is usually harmless, if irritating and unsightly. Keep some redness-reducing eye drops on hand for whenever you might need it, and you should be fine. Do see an optometrist if the problem persists for a long time or doesn’t respond fully to the drops, though.