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5-Minute Beauty Treatments to Sneak in During Your Downtime

Are you often too busy to spare precious time on beauty treatments? 

Well, not all beauty treatments need to be long and complicated! 

Here is a selection of beauty treatments that each take just five minutes to carry out, making it easy to sneak one in whenever you have a bit of down time. 

Face Masks

Not only are face masks one of the quickest and easiest beauty treatments to apply, but they also bring about immediate results. This means that your five minutes will have been very well spent!

You are probably thinking…

Aren’t most face masks required to remain on the skin for around 15 minutes? 

Many of them are, but there are still several face masks out there that are designed to only be used for five minutes. 

Can’t find one? 

There’s nothing wrong with opting for a standard face mask, and then removing this before your 15 minutes is up. Although your skin will not gain the maximum benefits from the ingredients, it would still definitely be better than nothing! 

Wondering what type of face mask would be best for a quick five minute treatment? 

The easiest would be a sheet mask, or even a hydrogel mask. These are designed to be draped over the face, and have cut-outs for your eyes, nose and mouth. These sheets are drenched in a concentrated serum, meaning that once they are applied to your skin, the ingredients within the serum quickly penetrate into your skin’s layers.

Sheet masks are easy to remove, and the excess serum can usually be rubbed into the skin. This means that you save time in not having to rinse your mask off too. 

Whichever mask you choose, just make sure of one thing…

The mask, and its ingredients, should be designed for your skin type. If you use one that isn’t, your skin may end up worse off than before you started. 

Teeth Whitening

Ever wished that your teeth were just a little bit whiter and brighter? 

Well, you don’t need to book yourself in for a long and expensive teeth whitening treatment, as this is something that you can do yourself in just five minutes. 

There are many five minute teeth whitening kits out there, and these are so easy to use. 

How do teeth whitening kits work? 

They usually contain a bleaching agent. This needs to be applied to the surface of the teeth, usually with a brush. After five minutes, the bleaching would be complete, and then you can simply use your toothbrush to brush your teeth and complete the treatment. 


Well-groomed nails can make a huge difference to your overall look, and this is something that you can easily do in just five minutes.

Think that a manicure needs to take a lot longer? 

This all depends on the process you use! 

For a quick, five minute manicure, just follow these steps: 

  • Begin by giving your nails a quick clean, and then applying a hand cream or scrub 
  • Use an emery board to file your nails down to an even length 
  • Use a nail buffing block to gently buff away any ridges on each nail 
  • Apply a nail treatment polish to your nails. These are usually sheer so you don’t need to be too precise with these

And there you have it! Beautifully manicured nails in just five minutes. 

Filing nails

If you’ve got a few extra minutes to spare…

Apply another coat of the treatment polish, or use this as a base coat and apply a colored polish over the top of this. 

Hair Masks

Hair masks do need to be washed off after they have been used, meaning that you can’t really use one at any random point during the day. 

However, if you have a few minutes to spare during a shower, a hair mask is the perfect beauty treatment to add in. 

What do hair masks actually do? 

They are basically a deep conditioning treatment. They contain a richer concentration of oils and lipids than a conditioner, so are usually slighter heavier in weight and texture. This makes them fantastic for damaged, dry or brittle strands, although lightweight hair masks for oily hair are also easily available. 

The great thing about hair masks for those who don’t have much free time is…

They don’t even require five minutes to work! Many hair masks only need to be left on for two to three minutes, and you even get intensive treatments that require just a minute on your hair. 

Want to get even more benefits out of your hair mask? 

The key is to use a heat source. 


Because heat enables the oils and the nutrients within your mask to be better absorbed by your hair and scalp. 

Wondering how to add heat? 

Simply pile your hair up on to the top of your head after applying your mask, and then cover this with a shower cap. The cap will help to retain the natural heat that your head produces. For even more heat, try wrapping a warm towel around your shower cap. 

How often should you use a hair mask? 

This all depends on how damaged your hair is. Ideally, you should be using a hair mask once a week, but there is nothing wrong with using one more often if your hair needs it. 

Red Light Therapy

Light therapy treatments are becoming increasingly popular. 

Never heard of them before? 

They make use of LED lights of different wavelengths, which are basically different colors, to target the cells that lie deep within the skin’s layers. 

What do they do to your skin cells? 

This all depends on the color of light you choose: 

  • Red Light – one of the most commonly used colors, red light not only improves circulation and reduces inflammation, but it can also minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while treating sun damaged skin cells too 
  • Blue Light – blue lights are able to destroy bad bacteria, even the type that causes acne. However, it leaves the good bacteria behind, while also having a tightening effect on the skin 
  • Amber Light – if you are dealing with loose, sagging skin, or even scarring, amber lights can help. They stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the body, rejuvenating the skin 
  • Green Light – thanks to their brightening effects, green lights can help to even out any discoloration and pigmentation in the skin

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to LED light therapy is…

Most treatments usually last for between 10 and 20 minutes. 

You are probably wondering why this treatment has been included in this list…

Well, that’s because research shows that when red lights are used for five minutes a day, improvements in fine lines and wrinkles can be noticed in 8 to 12 weeks.

So, while the other light colors may require a longer treatment time, red LED light therapy can still make a huge difference to your skin when used for just five minutes a day. 

Thanks to the many at-home LED light therapy devices out there, this is now easier than ever…

You have a couple of main options when it comes to choosing a device: 

  • A hand-held device – hand-held LED light therapy treatment devices are usually quite small, and can be held over whichever part of the skin you are looking to treat 
  • A mask – these are solid masks that contain the LED lights underneath. The mask is placed over the face, with cut-outs for the eyes, nose and mouth, giving you a hands-free LED light therapy treatment 

LED light therapy treatments can be carried out professionally at a salon too. However, even though these treatments tend to be stronger than at-home devices, they do usually require more than five minutes. 

Eyebrow Threading

Although you do need to have eyebrow threading done professionally, this beauty treatment can sometimes take even less than five minutes, making it an easy one to squeeze in to a busy day.

Woman undergoing eyebrow threading  

What exactly is eyebrow threading? 

Many would say that it is an art! It involves using a twisted thread, rolling this over the hairs to pluck them out from their follicles. 

Yes, threading can be painful, but it has its benefits…

Threading is extremely precise, meaning that it only targets your hair, rather than parts of your skin too. It is also able to remove even the tiniest and finest of hairs, which you would not have been able to do if you were plucking or waxing.

Threading also means that no stray hairs are left behind, giving your brows a beautifully defined shape. 

Facial Yoga

Facial yoga may seem like a bit of an unconventional beauty treatment, but research is emerging to show that facial yoga can make a significant difference when it comes to making the face look younger. 

How does it do this? 

The exercises strengthen and enlarge the facial muscles, which then means that your skin is held more taut over the face. This gives your face a more toned and tighter appearance. 

The great thing about facial yoga is that once you learn the exercises, you can do them just about anywhere! 

Although 20 to 30 minutes of facial yoga a day is recommended for quick results, doing the exercises for just five minutes a day can still make a difference. 

Wondering what facial yoga exercises are like? 

Here are a few to try out: 

  • The V – press both of your middle fingers together between your eyebrows, and then use your index fingers to press on the outer corners of your brows. Look upwards, raising your lower eyelids too so that you squint, before relaxing. This exercise targets crow’s feet and puffiness around the eyes, and should be repeated six times 
  • The Giraffe – to smooth and tighten loose skin on your neck, begin by looking ahead, placing your fingertips at the base of your neck. Gently stroke your skin in a downwards direction, tilting your head backwards. Bring your head forwards again and repeat two more times. Then, jut out your lower lip and put your fingers on your collarbone. Keep your chin pointed up and hold this pose for four breaths 
  • The Cheek Lifter – open your mouth and form it into an O shape. Keep your lips held over your teeth, and then smile so that your cheek muscles lift up. Gently placing your fingers over your cheeks will enable you to feel when the muscles have lifted. Lower your cheek muscles back down and then repeat continuously for one minute 

Under-Eye Masks

While face masks have already been mentioned, under-eye masks are designed specially for the delicate skin around your eyes. 

Did you know that the skin around your eyes can be up to ten times thinner than the skin on the rest of your face? 

As you can imagine, this fragility needs some extra care, and this is exactly what under-eye masks provide. They will contain the nutrients needed to protect the skin here, while also helping to smooth it out, reduce any dark circles or puffiness, and target fine lines and wrinkles. 

Under-eye masks usually come in the form of small patches that can be placed on the skin underneath the eyes. 

Simply leave the mask on for five minutes before removing. Many of these masks can be used for longer than five minutes, but your skin will still reap the benefits during a five minute session. 

Does the mask residue need to be washed away? 

This all depends on the exact mask you have chosen, so make sure that you read the instructions carefully. 

So many people have such hectic schedules these days, and finding enough time to set aside each week for beauty treatments can seem next-to-impossible. This is why these five minute treatments are absolutely perfect, as they give you the chance to pamper yourself whenever you have a few minutes to spare.