Foods That Support Heart Health

We don’t need to tell you how very important your heart is which is why it’s so essential to take excellent care of it. While fish oil and its omega-3 fatty acids could help your heart, one of the best things you can do involves eating a healthy diet. Despite what you may have heard, healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring. You can jazz it up a bit and try out different recipes, but just remember the ultimate goal – in addition to making sure the food is as healthy yet delicious as possible – is to support your heart health. With that said, let’s look at some of the foods you may want to start eating more each day.

Dark Chocolate
See, we told you that eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring! A little piece of dark chocolate for dessert could be beneficial to your health. The cacao is chock full of flavonoids which may help lower your blood pressure amongst other benefits. The higher the percentage of cacao it contains the better, just make sure that it doesn’t contain too much sugar.

Garlic can be an excellent option to consider for improving your heart health in addition to helping prevent or treat a variety of other diseases and conditions. Some delicious garlic choices you may want to incorporate include roasted garlic Brussels sprouts, garlic and spinach stuffed mushrooms, garlic green beans, and spinach and garlic burgers. If you don’t cook often with garlic, give it a try; you’ll love how versatile it is to use.

Good news if you love avocado! It can be good for your heart in that it may help lower your cholesterol. Yes, it’s delicious and good for you. Put it on toast, throw it in a salad, make guacamole, or use in a plethora of other ways during any meal of the day.

Those omega-3 fatty acids that we previously discussed? Salmon contains quite a bit and, in turn, could be beneficial to your heart and overall health. It’s also rich in Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, protein, and a whole slew of other good-for-you nutrients. Ideally, you should have two servings of fish per week so that gives you plenty of chances to incorporate more of it into your diet.

woman drinking green tea
Green Tea
So it’s not food, but you can have green tea with one of your meals, and the good news is that it could help lower your cholesterol and may lower your risk of heart disease. It’s those fabulous flavonoids that we discussed pertaining to dark chocolate. Just make sure not to load the green tea down with sugar. Considering red grapes also contain flavonoids, a little green tea alongside some grapes and dark chocolate can be a wonderful snack or a dessert.

As great as it is to incorporate more foods into your diet that are good for supporting your heart health, the best thing you can do is speak to your doctor as well as a nutritionist so the three of you can come up with a plan together that’s tailored to your specific heart and health.