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Guys, Get the Closest Shave Ever - Vine Vera Reviews

Every man is always trying to get the closest shave he can, all the while avoiding annoyances like razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Vine Vera hasn’t forgotten about the trials and tribulations some men go through to look their best, so let’s take a look at a few helpful tips to get you the closest shave you can imagine, without the irritation.

Use a Pre-Shave Oil
To get the best shave possible, your skin needs to be slick and smooth, so that the razor can glide over it without sinking into the flesh and drawing blood. You want to cut your facial hair, not your face, so it’s important to make your skin as slick as possible and give that razor absolutely nothing to grab onto besides hair.

Pre-shave oils sink into your skin and make the skin itself softer and smoother, meaning that when you put shaving cream or soap on right before starting the shave, the net effect will be even smoother and even more slick, giving you a very comfortable, close shave.

Guy shaving his face

Try a Safety Razor
If you’ve been tricked into buying the ever popular multi-blade cartridge razors that cost way too much and always seem to irritate your skin, it may be time to go back to basics and give a safety razor a try. Not only can you save a ton of money on new cartridges (replacement blades are dirt cheap and generally give just as many shaves as a disposable cartridge), but you’ll further decrease your chances of cutting yourself or causing razor bumps or other irritation.

See, conventional cartridge razors use several blades, such that the first one lifts the hairs and the ones after it cut them, but this technique can result in cutting a bit too deep and actually slicing the hair underneath the skin, which has a much higher chance of causing irritation or slicing the skin and drawing blood. Safety razors only use one to two blades, but are encased in a protective guard that puts them at the perfect level to cut hair and only hair, right at the very base. In other words, they give you a remarkably close shave without the nicks and razor bumps.

Luxury shaving soap and brush on a wooden table.

Use a Shaving Soap
There are several alternatives to conventional shaving cream or gel, and one of the best you could possibly try is shaving soap. Soap is oil-based and therefore much more slick and slippery, helping—as mentioned above when we talked about pre-shave oil—to make your skin hard for the razor to grip, so that it cuts only your hair and not your skin, and also allows your razor to glide with ease for an irritation-free close shave.

Further, while it may be oil-based, shaving soap, like most soaps, can generally be washed right off with water.

Man applying aftershave balm after shaving.

Forget Aftershave—Use a Cooling Lotion Instead
Most aftershaves are alcohol-based, which means they have a tendency to seriously dry out your skin, cause irritation, and make any irritation already caused by shaving even worse. Really, it’s a wonder anyone uses them. Instead of torturing yourself with stinging aftershave, use a soothing after-shave lotion that’s alcohol-free and actually moisturizes instead of dries. If you have very sensitive skin, get one that contains aloe, or mix a dab of aloe vera gel into the lotion in your hands before applying it.