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Healthy Snack Ideas for Men - Vine Vera Reviews

Vine Vera’s made it clear on multiple occasions that what you eat has a profound impact on the quality of your skin, not to mention your overall health in general! If you’re a man just trying to look and be as healthy as you can, and need some inspiration to keep you snacking healthily, Vine Vera’s got you covered.


Milk-Based Smoothies
Calcium is hugely important in the development of strong bones, and just as important to maintaining them. To make sure you get enough, you can rely on tasty milk-based smoothies (dairy is very high in calcium). Just mix up a cup of milk with some frozen berries and blend thoroughly. You can throw in some leafy greens like spinach or kale for an extra nutrient boost, and if you like it sweet, add just a few tablespoons of sugar, or use chocolate milk instead of plain milk.

Note that in order for your body to actually absorb and be able to use calcium, you’ll need to get your daily allotment of vitamin D. To make sure you get what you need, you can either make your smoothies with vitamin D-enriched milk, take a supplement, or eat or foods rich in the stuff, like tuna and salmon, regularly. Do not rely on sunlight to fulfill your vitamin D needs; while it’s technically true that unprotected exposure to sunlight can stimulate vitamin D production, it’s generally too risky to rely on this method alone, especially when you’ll get burned if you don’t do it just right.

Well-Balanced Trail or Trek Mix
This one has so many possible variations, you’ll keep yourself up at night thinking of new ones. Trail or trek mix (is there a difference? We’re not sure, to be honest) is a fantastic way to toss together some nutritious fruit, fiber-rich grains, and—if you’ve got a sweet tooth—a scattering of a treat like chocolate chips or yogurt-covered raisins. Just try to keep the focus on the grains and the fruit if you do add a sweet treat, and keep the sweet stuff at less than 20% of the total mix.

Closeup of beef jerky on a wooden table.

Low-Sodium Beef Jerky
Protein is also super important to maintaining good health, and is necessary for building and keeping up strong muscles. As long as you get it just lightly salted, or—even better—unsaled, beef jerky is a great source of protein, and easy to take with you wherever (and, we’ll add, very conventionally “manly”).

Best of all, this one comes in a huge variety of flavors, so pick your favorite and have at it. Just keep an eye on those sodium counts on the nutrition facts; the one danger with over-indulging in a snack like beef jerky is getting too much sodium.

As we said already, there’s a huge variety of ways to mix this particular one up, both to meet your nutrition needs and to keep you full and happy, but we’ll start you off with one to try right away. Mix equal parts unsalted pumpkin seeds with your favorite unsweetened, whole grain cereal. Throw in a handful of dried cranberries, and a somewhat smaller handful of yogurt chips if you’ve got to have that little touch of sweetness.