History of Colors for Healing - Vine Vera Reviews

For many hundreds and thousands of years, Chromotherapy, otherwise known as color therapy, has been used as treatment for many various ailments. Over the years, many advances in technology have helped to make color therapy more of a staple in Eastern medicine and across the globe in various therapy practices. Vine Vera would like to take a closer look at the history behind the colors used for healing purposes, and how it all began.

Ancient Egypt
The Ancient Egyptians would observe the colors found in nature, and implement them into their homes and in various places used for healing purposes. They would use colors like the green grass on their floors, and sky blue on the ceilings. These colors were implemented to promote healing, peace, and serenity. Papyrus scrolls and papers have been found in Ancient Egypt dating as far back as 1500 BC which detail which specific colors were used for healing which ailment.

Ancient China
Long ago in Ancient China, in a Chinese medical book known as the ‘Nei Ching’, color used for various healing ceremonies and treatments was recorded and later almost lost when in Greece, it was decided that color therapy didn’t actually work, and was discounted and disproved as an actual healing method. The ancient Nei Ching was then misplaced for many years after it was taken out of practice, however, it was luckily recovered many years later and restored.

The first psychological findings pertaining to color therapy were discovered by Johann Wolfgang Goethe, when in 1810, his discoveries, theories and findings were implemented into his book, ‘The Theory of Color’. He divided various colors into different categories, one category being colors which made people happy, and the other, colors known for causing sadness.

Color therapy was found to be very helpful in healing and treating various sicknesses, diseases, and mental illness in India when in 1933, a scientist published a book on what has evolved into today’s modern form of color therapy. Since this time, color therapy has been become a widely popular and widely used form of therapy in India.

United States          
In 1932, two scientists from the State of California proved through scientific experiments that the color blue has a scientific capability of promoting peace and well-being for the person exposed to the color. Since then, color therapy has gained in popularity among Americans, where it is still widely practiced today.

Though scientists around the world are still conducting experiments till this day on the theory and idea behind color therapy, it’s safe to say this practice has become a favorite among naturalists, those who would rather opt for non-medication forms of treatment, and among those who have terminal illness due to the peace it can promote from within. Many people believe in its ability to heal and keep the body and soul healthy and happy, and no matter what science says, it will more than likely continue to be a valid form of treatment for many.

Vine Vera hopes this detailed informative article has provided you with a good history on color therapy and why so many people around the world adore and believe in this therapy.