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How To Keep Nails Healthy - Vine Vera Reviews

Luckily for all of us, fingernails keep refreshing themselves. (Sure, it’s not as instantaneous as hitting the “refresh” screen on your internet browser, but we do have the opportunity to influence upcoming growth). On a quest for healthy nails, Vine Vera recommends you to consider two aspects: providing the “building blocks” for healthy new nail growth, and maintaining the nails that have grown already.

Optimizing Healthy Nail Growth
Just like hair (and for that matter, skin cells), fingernails are continually growing. One of the strategies to ensure healthy nails is to provide your body with the building blocks it needs for optimal nail growth.

If your system is deficient in those building blocks, it is unable to produce the strongest and healthiest nails, but you can remedy that with a brief look at your nutritional intake.

Growing fingernails require several “ingredients,” which you can supply through your diet, or through additional vitamin supplements. Biotin is one of these ingredients; you can purchase an inexpensive over-the-counter supplement to add biotin to your diet. (You’ll be happy to know that this will boost your hair growth as well as your nails!)

Protein is another key ingredient for nail growth, so make sure your diet includes a healthy amount of protein. Iron and Zinc are also critical to nail growth, and these can be supplemented with vitamins in certain situations.

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Maintaining the Nails You Have
Spread your fingers and take a look at your nails. The fingernails on your hand today have already grown: you can’t affect the health of the existing nails with your nutritional intake today. You can, however, keep those existing nails as healthy as possible with a few tips toward nail maintenance.

Moisturizing fingernails is an often-overlooked aspect of hand care. When you apply hand lotion, you should make a point to rub that lotion into your nails as well as your skin!

Just like your skin (where you use lotion) and your hair (where you use conditioner), your fingernails can benefit from externally applied moisturizer. Applying oils to your nails will go even farther. And you have options. For instance, you can choose from scented or vitamin-enriched options to bring your nails to a healthy and glowing shine.

If your nails are currently brittle and need extra help, you can ask a physician about biotin, which can be applied externally for repair, as well as internally to boost future healthy nail growth.

Fingernail polish can not only beautify, but also strengthen your nails! Be sure, though, to frequent a high quality, licensed salon to ensure you don’t run into issues like cross-contamination, which can lead to health issues like nail fungus.

Your nails need to stay moisturized, so try to avoid harsh chemicals like acetone-based nail polish remover in your nail care regime. Along similar lines, try to avoid over-exposing your hands to dishwater or chlorinated water. A pair of dish gloves at the sink will go a long way toward maintaining the health of your nails, not to mention your skin!