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Japanese Beauty Tips

Japanese women are absolutely beautiful and seem to have flawless skin, not to mention it looks like they never age. It’s for all those reasons and then some that it would make sense to be curious about their beauty routine. So what exactly are the secrets to their fabulousness? Keep reading for some Japanese beauty tips that you may want to consider incorporating into your own regimen on a daily basis.

Japanese food

Eat a Healthy Diet
While the Japanese obviously eat junk food at some point, it’s a lot different than the standard Western-style diet. For one, their portion sizes are a lot smaller. When it comes to what Japanese women eat, it’s all about the fish, rice, fruit, vegetables, and tofu. So what does all that have to do with their beauty? What you eat plays a huge part not only in how you feel and are on the inside but it’s also reflected in your outward appearance in terms of skin and overall body. One major statistic? According to, 35.8% of women in the United States were considered obese between 2011-2012. In Japan in 2012, only 3.4% of women were considered obese.

Follow a Skin Care Routine
Many Japanese women don’t just let their skin go or overload it by using a dozen products at a time. They usually stick to a structured beauty regimen that includes simple products that do the job well. The more natural and chemical-free the better. It’s also highly unlikely that they’ll go to sleep at night without first washing their face to rid the skin from any makeup and dirt that built up during the day.

Japanese woman applying sunscreen

Protect Yourself From the Sun’s Rays
While there are Japanese women who use sunscreen, quite a few will opt for umbrellas, visors, or wide-brimmed hats instead. This allows them to have the necessary protection from the sun’s rays without having to slather more products on their face.

Use the Right Oils
There are many women who are afraid of putting oil on their skin for fear of getting breakouts, but Japanese women use oils for moisturizing as well as for cleansing their skin. However, it’s all about the type of oil you use. For example, camellia oil (also known as tea seed oil) is a good option to consider.

Japanese woman having green tea

Drink Green Tea
Speaking of sun protection, a lot of Japanese women love drinking green tea which is known to offer protection from sun damage, plus it also contains a slew of antioxidants. They not only drink it but also may use it on their face and they bathe in it. Matcha, a form of green tea, is incredibly popular. Here is some more information about matcha and what it offers.

Less is More
It’s not often that you’ll see Japanese women with a face full of makeup on a daily basis. They go by the less-is-more approach when it comes to makeup and instead tend to focus on flawless skin and hair.

With that said, Japanese beauty tips aren’t complex at all, but rather simple and easily done by anyone who is committed to making their skin as beautiful and healthy as possible. Let us know which ones you’re planning on trying!