Lemon Water's Effect on Your Body

Chances are by now you’ve probably heard one or more people speaking about lemon water and its many benefits, or you may have even heard some say they don’t know what the big deal is about it. While there are benefits with drinking lemon water, just like with everything that goes into your body, it’s important to pay attention to how your body reacts to it and to keep your expectations in check. How lemon water affects one person may not have the same effect on the next person. With that said, let’s discuss lemon water and just some of its possible positive effects on skin and the body.

lemon water
Aids the Digestion Process
One of the biggest benefits of drinking lemon water is that it may help aid digestion in that it helps give your body ample time to break down the food. By doing this, your body has enough time to get all those fabulous nutrients from whatever you’re eating which is a reason why many suggest drinking lemon water shortly before you eat.

It Provides a Boost of Vitamin C
Vitamin C can be fantastic for your skin. It’s said to be beneficial in several aspects including helping your skin to look more bright and radiant. Depending on how your skin reacts to it, you may find it works well enough for you to consider it part of your skincare regimen. Additionally, that kick of Vitamin C can be hugely beneficial for your immune system, especially if you’re super stressed, you work in an environment where it’s easy to get sick, and/or it’s during cold and flu season. We could certainly use all the protection we can get against getting sick.

Woman drinking lemon water

One thing to note about drinking lemon water is that it could erode tooth enamel, so you’re going to have to have a talk with your dentist – especially if you already have concerns going on with your teeth – before you start drinking lemon water on the regular just to make sure it’s okay for you to do so.

Additionally, you’ll also want to have a talk with your doctor about incorporating lemon water into your daily diet, especially if you have health issues you’re currently dealing with. This is to ensure that you’re drinking the right amount of water, that you’re using enough lemon to get benefits while not using too much of it, and that it works well with your particular state of health.

Many believe the best time to drink (warm) lemon water is first thing in the morning about 30-minutes before you’re planning on eating, and there are also those who also drink it throughout the day about a half hour before they’re set to eat a meal. Once you start drinking lemon water on a daily basis, make sure to pay close attention and see how your body reacts to it. Any negative signs and it’s best if you stop drinking it and contact your doctor. One last tip: to get more juice out of the lemon, use your hand to roll the fruit on a flat surface several times back and forth.