Makeup Tips to Brighten Skin - Vine Vera Reviews

If you’re one of the many women worldwide who face the daily hassle of dark circles, pigmentation issues, dull skin, or just wanting to achieve brighter skin, you’re not alone. Vine Vera has developed some creative, crafty makeup tips to help inspire you to take charge of your skin, regain control over your beauty, and feel as beautiful as you want to with brighter skin.

Start With a Clean, Fresh Face
The top beauty experts in the world can’t emphasize how important this initial step is to attaining a bright, clean complexion. Cleansing with a gentle cleanser and the applying a good hydrating moisturizer is essential to give yourself a beautiful canvas to work with that is sleek, blendable, and bright.

Beautiful woman appliess foundation

Apply an Illuminating Foundation
When choosing a foundation product, always try to opt for one that includes a highlighting component to it, such as NARS ‘The Multiple’ stick, which can be used all over face and body. This will help to improve the skin’s appearance, brighten, highlight, and add contour where needed. Apply a thin layer all over face and neck to achieve a brightened look instantly.

Apply Concealer Only as Needed
Many women overkill the concealer, when in reality they don’t need it at all. Concealer can make your skin look cakey if not applied properly, and can actually make you look older if the cosmetic product itself is outdated or expired, or applied in too thick of a layer. When applying concealer, dab it on problem spots gently, and blend gently with the fingers. Pay close attention the area under the eyes and inner corners of eyes as well, which is the general area you may actually need a boost with concealer. Always apply concealer only after applying foundation.

Blush as a Contour
When it comes to blush, you want to use a brightening rosy color, nothing too over the top or dark. Cream blushes blend very easily, look more natural, and are easy to layer with other blush products or highlighting powders. Dab a small bit onto the apples of the cheeks, and lightly contour the cheekbones as well. Blend with fingertips, and apply a thin layer of powdered blush to the apples of the cheeks as well to add another subtle pop of color.

Nix the Dark Eyeshadow
Dark eye shadow can defeat the purpose of trying to obtain a bright look. Do away with the dark eye shadow colors, and opt for something light, airy and brightening, such as a gold or nude color. Apply a thin layer to the eyelid; crème shadows work best and generally have better blendability and longevity.

Beautiful woman applies some lip balm

Apply Lip Brightening Balm or Gloss
In place of lipstick, why not try a brightening lip balm or gloss to hydrate the lips and give the perfect look of youth and light. There are many brands of brightening lip balm available, but one of our favorite pairings here at Vine Vera is Eye and Lip Brightening Balm from philosophy, coupled with Benefit Cosmetic’s Fine One One Brightening Cheek and Lip Illuminator.

Developing makeup tips to brighten your face is all about thinking light. What VineVera means is, think of products you already use and love that will help to illuminate your face with a pearlescent, heavenly glow and provide you with the bright skin and fresh face you dream of. Vine Vera hopes this article has been a helpful piece of advice you can use every day to attain the look you desire.