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Men's Body Hair Do's and Don'ts - Vine Vera Reviews

Body hair: it’s something that just about every human on the planet has at least a little bit of, but for whatever reason, nature saw fit to grace the male half of the population with an especially prolific tendency for it. That’s all well and good if you’re a man and you enjoy being hairy, but while it’s true that a certain amount of body hair is usually expected and considered “traditionally masculine” and all, men going for a sharper, more refined image may at times find themselves with altogether too much of the stuff, and be unsure exactly what to do about it.

Vine Vera certainly hasn’t forgotten about the male crowd, and today we’re specifically going to address the body hair related concerns of all the men reading this (and, conceivably, any men in your life to whom you’d like to pass on the info—or better yet, a link to this article). Read on for a definitive “do’s and don’ts” style guide to men’s body hair.

Guy trimming his body hair

DO Trim Your Chest Hair
You don’t need to completely remove all the fuzzy, hairy goodness on your chest to give it a refined (but still pretty masculine) edge. Use clippers on the chest, and experiment until you find the perfect length for your own personal aesthetic preferences, then have at it. Keep an eye out for regrowth, though, as a light trimming will need to be repeated frequently if the length is to be maintained.

Man shaving his armpits

DON’T Shave Your Armpits (Unless You Really Want to)
Generally, it’s basically expected for men to have hairy armpits. We’re all for subverting gender norms if that’s what makes you happy, so shave them smooth if you really feel like it. However, if you want to mold your style around conventional ideas of masculinity, you’d be better off to leave—at the very little— a bit of visible, dark fuzz there (trim all you want, but keep a little bit there).

Man shaving his chest

DO Shave Completely If You Have a Solid Reason
While it’s totally okay to shave (or hell, wax if you feel like it) if you want to, it will be most socially acceptable if you only do it when there’s a conceivable purpose. Are you an athlete? A swimmer, specifically, or anything else where the drag created by a bit of body hair would actually give a performance disadvantage? If so, cut it all off; no remorse, and rest assured with the knowledge that if anyone asks, you have a solid excuse. If not, you can feel free to do it anyway if you like, but remember that you may get some funny looks.

Man getting his chest waxed

DO Think Very Carefully Before Getting a Wax
As we’ve made sure to state more than once in this article, it’s totally okay to break the rules if you want to, but generally speaking, you should probably stay away from waxing if you’re just trying to look like your average, masculine guy, you should probably stay very far away from waxing salons.

That said, just like with shaving, if you have a good reason—like being an athlete—definitely go for it.