Minimizing Reactions to Dander

There are many out there who would love to have a pet of their own, the only problem is the reactions they have to dander. Sometimes even getting close to a certain animal with hair, feathers, or fur could cause a runny nose, hives, itchiness, and more. If you long to hug an animal close without fearing that you’re going to sneeze all over them, the following tips can help with minimizing reactions to dander so you can increase your chances of finally getting a pet of your own.

Take an Allergy Medication
There are numerous types of over-the-counter allergy medications you can try, but your best option is to see an allergist who could give you a personalized plan based on your specific health issues.   A personalized plan could save you a lot of time, money, and energy rather than trying to figure out an approach on your own.

Get a Hypoallergenic Animal
Quite a few hypoallergenic animals, such as certain breeds of dogs and cats, could be perfect for you if you’re looking into getting a pet while minimizing your reactions to dander. Although many believe that “hypoallergenic” equates to no allergic reaction at all, it actually means there’s low risk for one happening. However, taking the chance could result in a good outcome.

Have Easy-to-Clean Surfaces
In order to help eliminate as much dander from your home as possible, your home should primarily consist of easy-to-clean surfaces. For example, instead of having carpets in the rooms, opt for hardwood flooring that allows for easy washing, and avoid having curtains and choose blinds instead. This can help prevent dander from getting stuck on and embedded in any soft surfaces that are going to be more difficult to properly clean.

Keep Pets Off Soft Surfaces
Speaking of soft surfaces, unless you’re planning on sleeping on the floor and sitting in hard chairs all the time, you’re going to have at least some cushioned pieces of furniture – such as beds and couches – in your home. You may not want to, but it’s a good idea to keep your pets off these types of surfaces, especially your bed, otherwise it could cause some severe health problems.

Keep Your Pet Groomed
If you’re looking to minimize reactions to dander, brush your pet often and give them a washing about once a week. If you can’t bathe the animal yourself, taking them to the groomer could be a wise investment.

Close Your Registers
If you have forced air systems in your home, keep your registers closed. When the registers are open, they’re shooting the dander into every room that air is blowing into. The registers should especially be closed in the bedroom where dander could land all over your bed right where you put your face and breathe in.

Use a HEPA Filter
Using HEPA filters in your home could be a great way to combat dander. Air purifiers typically come with HEPA filters, and two great places to put them are where you likely are most often in your home: the living room and the bedroom. Also, opt for a vacuum cleaner that includes a HEPA filter as it can help you trap more of the unwanted dander.

Use Anti-Allergen Pet Products
There are certain anti-allergen pet products on the market that allow you to wipe or spray an animal down with a little bit of the product to reduce as much of the dander as possible. A vet could give you a good recommendation of what product can work best depending on your particular animal.

Wash Your Hands and Clothes
After you handle the animal, the worst thing you can do is rub your eyes or sit down on a soft surface while wearing the clothes you wore around your pet. After you have any type of contact, wash your hands thoroughly and change your clothes to minimize your reaction to the dander.

Just because you’re allergic to dander doesn’t mean your hopes and dreams for having a pet are crushed. There are plenty of options you can try before you settle on not having an animal at all. It may take some extra effort and money, but the rewards of being able to cuddle your pet can be worth it.