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Never Let Them See You Sweat

It’s almost that time of year when the hot temperatures are going to cause everyone to sweat much more than they would like. Not only can it lead to excessive sweatiness, but also crankiness and generally feeling uncomfortable, especially for those who loathe the hot weather. Before the temps start increasing, take note of the following tips so you can stay comfortable and look stylish even when you’re sweating.

Wear a Darker Color Palette
When you wear a darker color palette, such as a black tank top with dark jeans, you have more of a chance of hiding your sweat. You can still see some type of sweat on dark clothing, but it’s nowhere near as visible as if you were to wear lighter colors, such as gray or blue.

Woman dressed for a jog

Choose Your Outfits Carefully
In addition to the aforementioned tip, make sure to choose your outfit carefully. For example, you may want to wear khaki shorts on a particularly hot day, but you might want to avoid sitting if you’re sweating quite a bit as it could show when you stand up. Additionally, opt for breathable fabrics as opposed to those that could not only make you sweat more but show it all over your clothing.

Don’t Carry a Bag
Typically there’s nothing wrong with carrying a bag – such as a messenger bag – around with you, but there are two ways that it could cause you a problem when it’s hot out. The bag is likely pressed against you while you’re walking, so there’s a good chance you’ll end up with a sweat mark on your clothing in the shape of a bag wherever it was placed. Additionally, a heavy bag could actually cause you to sweat more because it’s weight that you’re carrying.

Woman applying antiperspirant

Switch Antiperspirants
Considering how much you might be sweating during the summer, it may require using a stronger antiperspirant than what you’re used to using throughout the rest of the year. You may have to try a few different types before you find one that works for you, but the effort will be worth it.

Use Blotting Papers
A package of blotting papers can fit right in your pocket, so they’re easy to carry around and use when you need them. When using them, dab, don’t rub. They can certainly help reduce the amount of sweat on your face and neck (although you may need to use a few papers depending on how much you’re sweating).

Woman wiping sweat

Carry Wipes
If you’re dripping sweat, wiping yourself down with wipes could be a big help. In addition to wiping down your face, you could also wipe down your arms, behind your knees, and other parts of your body that could benefit, such as the back of your neck.

While you may feel uncomfortable with showing any signs of sweat in the summer, the truth is that it’s very hard to avoid and we all show it at some point. However, the aforementioned tips could help you reduce the amount you sweat as well as how much you actually show, so they can end up being a big help to you once the temperatures start heating up.