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Our Favorite Wine-Colored Makeup

Many of the most fun and interesting makeup ideas can be inspired by our daily life and things we love. After all, makeup is about self-expression, and choosing colors that reflect your personality and interests—as well as coordinate well with your complexion and your clothes—can be lots of fun.

As such, if you’re a fan of wine, as Vine Vera certainly is, it can be quite rewarding to find and adopt wine-colored shades of makeup to express your love of wine in style. Today, Vine Vera’s going to go over some of our favorite wine-colored makeup, including lipsticks, blushes, eyeshadows and more inspired by your favorite varietals.

Try a Mauve-Red Blush, or Perhaps a Pink
This color goes well with almost any skin tone. It’s subtle but elegant, and adds some middling contrast to any face. Mauve blushes are fun and go quite well with the wine theme, calling to mind images of drinkable medium-red tinted wines like a nice Merlot or Malbec.

Alternately, if you want something reminiscent of a White Zinfandel or other sweet rose wine, try some medium pink blush shades. These are great for brightening the overall effect of your face, and are a fun and cute shade to try; wine-pink is sure to add some refined sweetness to your look, just like Rose wine varietals.

Have Some Fun with Champagne Eyes and Lips
Usually when people talk about wine-colored makeup, it’s mainly red shades that come to mind, but if you happen to favor white wine, there are some options for you to show your white wine love on your face as well. Champagne lips and/or eyes are a bold and daring choice, and we don’t necessarily recommend them for everyday wear, but for a special night out when you want to look extra fierce, it’s certainly a viable option.

If you’re going to go for wine-themed makeup very often (we wouldn’t blame you if you did; it is quite a fun look), you may want to invest in some matching accessories. An elegant tote or shoulder bag in a deep wine red to match mauve lips, blush, and/or eyes would add a sharpness and coordination to your look. If you’re feeling inspired by Rose wines and going deep pink with your makeup choices, some matching pink pumps or heels could continue the fun, flirty theme quite nicely. And if you’re being daring and trying a champagne face, a matching off-white, champagne-colored jacket would be suitably fierce.

More Versatile than You Think
While a full set of matching wine eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick with coordinated accessories might be best suited to a fancy night out, wine makeup is just as adaptable to everyday attire as it is to anything else.

The key is to keep it simple for the every day; wine lipstick, for example, when used alone and spread thinly with your finger, adds a sophisticated flair to your look without overpowering it. Likewise, gently-applied blushes in a variety of wine tints are perfectly viable options for an everyday look, so whether you’re heading out for a fun night on the town or just grabbing some groceries, don’t be afraid to let your favorite wines inspire your look.