Premature Aging Myths

Think you know everything there is to know about aging? Think again. With the mountains of professional advice and marketing ploys it can be difficult to truly know what aging maxims are true and which ones are completely bogus. Below, find five of the most commonly believed myths when it comes to premature aging.

Your Mother is to Blame for Hair Loss
Hair loss occurs at all stages of life, but significant shedding and thinning can become quite apparent as you age. It is true that hair loss is a result of your genetics, but it isn’t true that you should be pointing the finger at your mother. The commonly held belief that hair loss comes directly from your mother’s side of the family is decidedly false. To get an idea of what to expect as you age, you should take both sides of your family history into account.

Moisturizers Reverse Signs of Aging
This one is a bit tricky because there are skin care ingredients that can be effective at fighting aging, but to say that any moisturizer can reverse signs of aging is false. Currently, there is no topical product that can completely reverse aging, but there are skin care ingredients to look for in your moisturizer that can have an effect on signs of aging. One of the most effective ingredients you can use to help fight visible signs of aging is retinol, so look for moisturizers that contain this ingredient or head to your dermatologist for a prescription strength cream. Additionally, ingredients like vitamin C, green tea extract and hyaluronic acid can give positive results when trying to reduce visible signs of aging.

You Don’t Have to Wear SPF in the Winter
Sunscreen is required to provide protection against the sun, so you don’t have to wear it during cloudy weather, gray days or during the winter, right? Unfortunately, many still believe this to be true, but it could not be more false. Even on the darkest days of winter, UV radiation still reaches the surface of the Earth, putting your skin in danger. You’ve heard it a million times, but it bears repeating – apply SPF every single day to protect your skin from damage and signs of premature aging.

Tanning Booths are Safer than the Sun
A golden glow is often perceived as an indication of health and vibrancy in society, but by now you know that lying out in the sun for hours is definitely not the way to accomplish this. Cashing in on this truth, tanning bed companies make some pretty misleading claims about the safety of their products. One common myth that affects aging is that as long as a tanning bed doesn’t contain UVB rays, it’s safer than the sun. While the absence of UVB rays is good, it doesn’t have any effect on the safety of the booths. Tanning booths still contain UVA rays, and these rays actually penetrate deeper into your skin and cause damage that can result in premature aging at best, and skin cancer at its worst.

Lasers can Restore Youth
With the constant advancements in technology in the skin care field, the belief that you can do what you want to your face and then have it completely reversed with laser treatments is absolutely not true. “There are many different types of lasers marketed and they all do different things,” says Kim. “Some help with sun spots, some help with wrinkles. Some go deep and activate collagen. It’s all marketed so much that people think it can make you a completely different person.” She continues by saying, “if you’ve done extensive damage to your skin, there’s only so much we can do.”

You can hear aging myths so many times that you just believe them to be true, but doing so can come at a price to the health of your skin. Proper skin care, including an SPF every single day, and knowing what is true when it comes to premature aging can help keep you looking and feeling young and radiant.