Preventing Foot Problems and Discomfort

Nobody wants to deal with foot issues, but one of the biggest problems when they occur is how uncomfortable and painful they can be, especially when you consider how often we’re on our feet throughout the day. Corns, athlete’s foot, blisters, ingrown toenails, and more are several of the problems you might encounter, but how do you prevent them? The following are just some of the steps you can take on a day-to-day basis to encourage foot health.

Aim for Early Detection
Many of us are going to get some type of foot problem at some point, but one of the biggest ways to prevent the issue from getting worse is by catching it early and getting it evaluated by a podiatrist sooner than later. Whenever you take your shoes off at the end of the day, pay attention to how your feet feel and give them a look over. You know your feet, so if you notice anything that doesn’t seem right, make an appointment.

Wear the Right Shoes
As fabulous as the shoes might be, the pain and problems that could follow if they don’t fit properly aren’t worth it. Make sure your shoes have a comfortable heel and are of a proper width and size and that there’s enough room for your feet without there being so much room that they could slide around inside. Even if you think you know the correct shoe size you should be wearing, it’s best to try shoes on when buying them just to be sure. Also, before wearing new shoes out-and-about, take enough time to break them in.

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Cut Toenails Properly
Although many round-out their toenails, that’s one way to increase the chances of problems such as ingrown toenails. Cut your toenails straight across instead and opt to file them down so they’re not too long but be careful not to cut them too short, either.

Moisturize Your Feet
We moisturize our face and body regularly, but don’t forget the feet! They need some extra TLC, too. It’s also a little chance to pamper yourself by massaging the lotion in, focusing on spots that are sore or have dry patches, and taking some time to relax after being on your feet throughout the day.

Keep Your Feet Clean and Dry
When your feet are damp and dirty, it could open you up to an infection in addition to other problems. Always do what you can to keep your feet clean and dry, and it can also be a good idea to carry around body wipes with you just in case you need to wipe down your feet should they get dirty, and make sure to properly dry them off especially if you’ve been swimming.

Should you have any specific questions regarding your feet, don’t hesitate to reach out to your podiatrist who can help you figure out why you may be feeling discomfort in your feet as well as how to prevent problems in the future. It’s worth mentioning again not to put off making an appointment even if the issue seems relatively insignificant. It’s better to know than to have a problem get worse because it was left untreated.