12 Products You Need to Look Great When You Travel

While traveling can be so much fun, it can also be stressful and tiring. When you are away from home, it can sometimes be hard to ensure that you look your very best.

Of course, if you pack the right products, this instantly becomes so much easier!

Here are 12 products to bring with you when traveling to guarantee that you look great at all times:

A Sunscreen

If there is one product that you should never be without, it’s a sunscreen.

Even if you are only planning on being away for a couple of days, a sunscreen is still something that you need to bring with you.

Make sure that your sunscreen is a broad-spectrum one, as this means that it will protect your skin from both UVA and UVB rays.

Wondering what SPF you should go for?

Ideally, SPF 30. While a higher SPF does offer a tiny bit more protection, the extreme price tags that often accompany those products don’t justify this. You would be better off opting for an SPF 30 and being vigilant about re-applying it throughout the day. 

Try to look for a sunscreen that can be used on both the face as well as the body. This will save you space when packing, and make life more convenient.

A Moisturizer

Your skin is placed under quite a bit of stress when you travel, especially if you are flying.

A moisturizer will provide your skin with so much protection against the bacteria, dry air, pollutants and everything else it may encounter. 

How does a moisturizer actually protect the skin?

In a few ways:

  • Forms a thin film over the skin’s surface, preventing moisture from evaporating while keeping irritants out
  • Hydrates skin cells, which then strengthens them and enables them to function optimally
  • Provides the skin with antioxidants and other nutrients that support and strengthen skin cells, while preventing damage

Can’t find a travel-sized version of your favorite moisturizer?

It isn’t a good idea to try a new product right before traveling, but don’t worry, there’s a way around this…

All you need are a few sample-sized containers. You can either wash out ones you already have at home, or purchase some empty containers. Simply fill these with your regular moisturizer and you’re good to go!

Makeup Wipes

You should never go to bed with your makeup on, but a makeup remover can often be a tedious item to pack.

This is where makeup wipes come in…

Woman using makeup wipes

On a normal occasion, you would be far better off opting for a liquid makeup remover instead.


Because wipes can sometimes leave a residue behind, and do not cleanse quite as thoroughly as a liquid cleanser.

However, when traveling, makeup wipes are so much more convenient. They are easy to pack and use, and are a great alternative to liquid products when used in the short term.

A Hand Sanitizer

Research has shown that using a hand sanitizer when traveling can significantly reduce your chances of experiencing an illness. This is even more so the case if you are visiting a tropical country, and if you use your hand sanitizer before eating. 

However, many people aren’t fans of hand sanitizers, and for good reason too…

In order to properly disinfect your hands, hand sanitizers need to contain a high amount of alcohol. This can have an extremely drying effect on your skin.

However, there are now many new formulas available that counter this with the addition of moisturizing ingredients and nourishing botanical oils. These will leave your skin feeling clean, smooth and soft, without the sticky residue that many of the older formulas used to leave behind.

A Lip Balm

While your moisturizer will help to protect the skin on your face and body, you can’t exactly apply a moisturizer to your lips.

However, did you know that the skin on your lips is even thinner and more delicate than the skin on your face?

A lip balm works in a similar way to a regular moisturizer, by forming a protective layer over your lips.

woman applying lip balm

It will provide your lips with hydration, as well as essential nutrients.

Of course, lip balms can be a great makeup product too. Glossy formulas are readily available, as are tinted versions.

An Eye Cream

Feeling tired or jet-lagged? Not had enough sleep? Or maybe you just didn’t sleep very well?

Either way, all of this will quickly show up around your eyes, in the form of dark circles, shadows, puffiness and more.

An eye cream helps to fix all of this pretty quickly.


Because a quality eye cream will be formulated with anti-inflammatory ingredients, along with a few added extras that will perk the skin around your eyes up, making you look wide awake and bright-eyed.

Which ingredients should you look out for in an eye cream?

These are some of the most beneficial:

  • Caffeine – this shrinks blood vessels, therefore brightening up the eyes and reducing dark shadows
  • Hyaluronic Acid – this instantly hydrates skin cells, plumping them up and making them look fresher
  • Avocado Oil – adds moisture to the skin without clogging up the pores 
  • Peptides – increases collagen production while providing other anti-aging benefits
  • Vitamin E – soothes and protects the skin
  • Vitamin K – reduces puffiness and dark circles
  • Arnica – a potent anti-inflammatory ingredient to reduce puffiness 

An eye cream only needs to contain a few of those ingredients in order to be effective.

Wondering why retinol isn’t on that list?

Although retinol may be a fantastic skin care ingredient, it is one that you should not be using in the daytime.


Because UV light causes the ingredient to break down. This not only means that it will not have any positive effects on your skin, but oxidized ingredients can actually cause damage to your skin cells.

While retinol is a great ingredient to use in your regular nightly eye cream, you want an eye cream that you can use at any time of the day when traveling. All of the above ingredients are safe to be used both day and night.

For more pronounced benefits, you may even want to add an eye serum. This would help intensify the effects of your eye cream, helping your eyes look moisturized and well-rested.

The Resveratrol Age-Defying Eye Serum is a good example. It’s formulated with resveratrol, green tea extract and vitamin C, which complements the ingredients in the Resveratrol Dark Circle Eye Cream, which includes beneficial ingredients like caffeine and vitamins A and E.

A Facial Mist

While a facial mist isn’t an essential product to pack when traveling, it can still be quite a useful one to bring along if you happen to have some extra space.

When would you use a facial mist?

Pretty much any time. It is a great way to perk your skin up and give it a more refreshed and invigorated appearance.

However, there is a downside to facial mists…

While they do provide the skin with an instant hit of moisture, it doesn’t take long for this moisture to evaporate off your skin. This then leaves your skin drier than it was to begin with.

The best way to get around this is by applying a moisturizer to your skin as soon as you have sprayed on your facial mist. The moisturizer will then trap that extra water beneath it, ensuring that the only place it can go is into your skin.

Foundation or Concealer

You likely want your complexion to look smooth, even and flawless in all of your vacation snaps.

However, it doesn’t take much for a blemish to form, especially when your skin is being exposed to so many new environments. Add jet-lagged dark circles around the eyes to this and you won’t want to be standing in front of the camera.

This is why a foundation and/or a concealer can be so useful when traveling. They don’t take long to apply, and even just a light layer can make a huge difference to your complexion.

Woman applying concealer in bathroom mirror

If you’re short on space…

Look for a foundation that can also double up as a concealer.

Foundation sticks are especially good for this, just make sure you go for a long-lasting formula.

A Sheet Mask

If your skin is looking a little stressed and tired, a sheet mask is a quick way to give it a new lease of life.

While other facial masks are also great, sheet masks have the added benefit of being so lightweight and easy to pack. They are also easily available as single-use sheets, meaning that you won’t need to bring them back home with you. Plus, if you happen to be flying, a sheet mask is a great way to pamper your skin while on-the-go

Look for a sheet mask that contains plenty of hydrating ingredients and antioxidants, as this is what your skin needs while you are traveling. If you know that you will likely use more than one mask while you’re away, then try to find masks with different ingredients, so that you can cater to your skin’s changing needs each day.

An Eyeliner

The way in which an eyeliner defines the eyes helps to emphasize the entire face.

Just a small amount of eyeliner can completely transform your look, making this a great makeup product to keep with you while traveling.

What type of eyeliner should you pack?

This all depends on how you use an eyeliner.

If cat-eyes are your thing, then a liquid liner is a must. On the other hand, if you are hooked on lining your waterline, then pencils are needed.

If you have the extra space (and let’s face it, eyeliners don’t take up much room), add in a nude or a white eyeliner too.


Because a simple swipe of this along your lower waterline can really widen your eyes up, while making it look as though you aren’t wearing any makeup.

A Dry Shampoo

We’ve covered your skin, but what about your hair?

A dry shampoo can be so useful when traveling.

What exactly does a dry shampoo do?

It absorbs up any oil and bacteria, cleaning your hair while adding some volume back into it. Although it does not completely replace washing your hair, it is great for freshening your hair up when you simply are not able to wash it.

Dry shampoo can be either a spray or a powder, and you can even use baby powder as an alternative if you’re in a pinch.

Thanks to the way in which dry shampoos have become so popular with travelers, they are available in travel-sized containers, making them easier than ever to pack.

Never used a dry shampoo before?

All you need is a small amount on your roots. You then use your fingers to disperse this evenly through your hair. That’s all it takes to make your hair look and feel as though it has just been washed!

Infographic on how to use dry shampoo

A Brow Kit

Your brows can really make or break your look.

Well-groomed brows will have you looking beautifully put together, and it doesn’t take much to get them into shape.

When it comes to brow kits, you can either buy a small one that has already been put together, or make one yourself. This all depends on whether or not you already have go-to eyebrow products.

What should be in a brow kit?

You don’t have to go overboard when traveling, but the following items will always be useful:

  • A pair of tweezers
  • An eyebrow pencil
  • An brow shadow
  • An eyebrow gel

Even if you don’t plan on wearing any makeup, keeping your brows neatly groomed will still have you looking great!

If you’re trying to pack light, then don’t forget that a brow pencil can often double up as an eyeliner pencil. Although it won’t provide the same amount of pigment, they are still good for when you only want a subtle touch of darkness around the eyes.

Everyone is different when it comes to their appearance, as well as to their beauty routines. While you may not need every product on this list, there are likely to be quite a few that you should pack, especially if you want to look your very best while you’re away.