Serena Williams Reveals Her Favorite Nighttime Beauty Products

Serena Williams has long since been envied for her flawless complexion. Her smooth, blemish-free skin is something that so many long for.

Want to know her secret?

It all comes down to her skin care routine, which Williams has recently revealed.

Many will be glad to know that her routine is actually relatively simple, consisting of just a handful of products that take no more than a few minutes to apply.

How is such a simple skin care routine able to be so effective?

Because a couple of the products in that routine contain some very potent ingredients…

The Power of Vitamin C

One ingredient that just about everybody should be using, no matter their skin type, is vitamin C.


Because vitamin C brings with it some amazing benefits.

For starters, it stimulates the skin’s natural production of collagen and elastin.

What are collagen and elastin?

They are the main structural proteins that hold your skin together. They are what give your skin its smoothness, firmness and tightness.

Your skin naturally produces collagen and elastin itself, but the rate at which it does so declines with age. This decline begins as early as the mid-20’s, meaning that for someone in their mid-30’s, such as Williams, it really does pay to try to boost collagen and elastin levels back up.

Collagen in human skin structure, infographic

Vitamin C also helps to provide the skin with protection from the sun. With Williams spending quite a bit of time outdoors, any extra sun protection will really go a long way.

One other benefit of vitamin C is…

It helps to brighten the skin, minimizing pigmentation. Again, this is important for people who spend a significant amount of time outdoors. The sun’s UV rays can quickly lead to dark spots, and, when left untreated, these can be difficult to clear away in the long run.

Although Williams only recently discovered the benefits of vitamin C when she was on her baby moon in Mexico, it didn’t take long for her to notice the difference that this ingredient had on her skin. 

Wondering which vitamin C product Williams uses?

It’s a potent serum from a brand called Vine Vera.

The Vine Vera Vitamin C Serum

In order for vitamin C to bring about maximum benefits, it needs to be able to reach the deeper layers of your skin.

Unfortunately, most moisturizers are not able to do this. Moisturizers contain ingredients that are quite heavy, and these usually target the surface layer of the skin.

On the other hand, a serum is much lighter, but is still packed with a potent concentration of ingredients.

The Vitamin C Serum from Vine Vera, which is the same one that Williams uses each night, is a great example of an effective, skin-boosting serum. It nourishes the deeper layers of skin cells, resulting in noticeable, long-lasting effects. 

Now, when it comes to vitamin C in skin care products, there are a few different versions of this ingredient that are used:

  • Ascorbic Acid – this is the purest form of vitamin C, but it has a couple of downsides. It is hard to stabilize in skin care formulations, meaning that it degrades very quickly. It is also known to cause skin irritations, especially for those with sensitive skin
  • Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate – more stable than most of the other forms of vitamin C out there, and is able to penetrate quite deeply into the skin. It also has the unique advantage of being able to increase skin hydration levels 
  • Ascorbyl Palmitate – this is another highly stable and non-irritating form of vitamin C, making it suitable for all skin types

When it comes to Vine Vera’s Vitamin C serum…

Both Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate and Ascorbyl Palmitate have been used. This is how the serum is able to be gentle and non-irritating, but still exceptionally effective.

One more thing to know about this incredible vitamin…

Vitamin C is so much more effective when it has been combined with vitamin E.

The two ingredients really complement each other when it comes to antioxidant function. Together, they offer better protection against free radicals, along with the sun’s UV rays. Collagen production is increased even more when you combine the two vitamins, as both are needed for the creation of collagen fibers.

So, it only makes sense that a vitamin C serum contains vitamin E too, and this is exactly what the Vine Vera Vitamin C Serum does.

Another ingredient that you should know about is resveratrol.

Never heard of resveratrol before?

It is a substance that plants produce when they are experiencing stress, whether this stress may be due to UV rays, infection or anything else.

When you apply resveratrol to your skin, it has similar effects. It provides huge amounts of protection, with its antioxidant properties said to be even stronger than that of vitamin C and vitamin E combined. 

You can imagine how potent all of the above ingredients are when combined, especially when you add vitamin A into the mix too.

In the Vine Vera Vitamin C Serum, the vitamin A used is in the form of retinyl palmitate.

This is quite a gentle version of vitamin A, and is one of the least-irritating forms out there. This is important when it comes to a product that is designed to be used every day. If a stronger form of vitamin A was used, the serum wouldn’t be suitable for certain skin types, and those who have never used vitamin A before would only be able to use the serum occasionally to begin with.

Caring for the Skin Around the Eyes

You now know that Serena Williams uses to nourish the skin on her face and keep the visible signs of aging at bay.

But how does she deal with the skin around her eyes?

This is an area that needs some extra TLC.


Because the skin around the eyes is up to ten times thinner than the skin on the rest of the face. It also contains oil glands and is pretty much constantly in motion (the average person blinks about 28,800 times a day!). Add to this the fact that the skin around the eyes contains fewer oil glands than the rest of the face, making it more prone to dryness, and it is no surprise that this area is usually the first part of the face to develop fine lines and wrinkles.

Have you ever looked at the skin around Serena Williams’ eyes?

It’s impressively smooth and wrinkle-free.

How does she do it?

With the use of a very effective eye serum…

The Vine Vera Resveratrol Age Defying Eye Serum

As mentioned earlier, serums are more effective than creams when it comes to reaching those deeper skin cells.

While an eye cream is always beneficial, a serum tends to be so much more effective at targeting the visible signs of aging.

When it comes to the Resveratrol Age Defying Serum from Vine Vera, this is packed with a potent blend of skin-smoothing ingredients… 

In addition to resveratrol, which is the brand’s signature ingredient, the serum also contains ascorbic acid, which is the most potent form of vitamin C.

It has also been infused with a wide range of skin-boosting botanicals, including:

  • Aloe Vera Extract – one of the most hydrating and skin-healing plants out there, with more than 75 active compounds that target various aspects of the skin
  • Calendula Extract – highly soothing and calming, helping to reduce redness, dark circles and puffiness
  • Green Tea Extract – a fantastic botanical for anti-aging purposes, and one that also provides additional protection from the sun, which is exactly what the skin around the eyes needs
  • Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract – soothes the skin while increasing hydration, and also providing antioxidant benefits
  • Kudzu Root Extract – packed with potent antioxidants that neutralize existing free radicals and prevent new ones from forming

There are a couple of other ingredients in the eye serum that you should know about…

The first is sodium hyaluronate.

You have probably heard of hyaluronic acid before, and sodium hyaluronate is a form of this.

Wondering what the difference is between hyaluronic acid and sodium hyaluronate?

The main difference comes down to the molecular size of each of the ingredients. Hyaluronic acid features quite large molecules, which are great for sitting on the surface of the skin and providing the skin’s protective barrier with moisture.

However, the skin cells deeper within your skin could do with a moisture boost too, and this is where sodium hyaluronate is so useful…

The molecules that make up sodium hyaluronate are much smaller than those of hyaluronic acid. This means that sodium hyaluronate is able to penetrate deeper into the skin, quickly bringing about noticeable plumping effects.

Peptides are another ingredient that you should be using around your eyes, and these are also found in the Resveratrol Age Defying Eye Serum.

What do peptides do?

They are basically chains of amino acids. Your skin uses these amino acids to create proteins, such as collagen and elastin.

Infographic on peptides and amino acids

When you apply peptides to your skin, they send a signal to your deeper skin cells to amp up their protein production, giving you a much smoother, firmer and more youthful complexion.

Making the Most of An Eye Serum

If you have watched Serena Williams carry out her night time skin care routine, then you have probably noticed that she uses an eye mask over the top of her eye serum.

Why does she do this?

For a couple of reasons:

  • Applying a mask over the top of a serum ensures that all of the ingredients from the serum are fully absorbed by the skin
  • Eye masks also contain some pretty powerful ingredients. Combining these with the ingredients in an eye serum will give you even better results

Williams has found that this technique works really well for keeping the skin around her eyes looking beautiful, especially when it comes to clearing away and preventing dark circles.

What’s the best eye mask to use with the Resveratrol Age Defying Eye Serum?

The Resveratrol Cabernet Rejuvenating Eye Mask from Vine Vera is ideal for this. 

The masks are designed to be placed over the orbital area, where you then leave them on for ten minutes. After that, you remove the mask and rinse your face.

The mask contains several ingredients that support the ones that have been used in the serum.

For example, while the serum contains sodium hyaluronate to provide moisture to the deeper layers of your skin, the mask contains hyaluronic acid to ensure that the surface layer of your skin is properly hydrated too.

Of course, the mask also contains resveratrol, giving you a double dose of this potent antioxidant (or a triple dose if you use the Vitamin C Serum too!).

You will also find a high concentration of Sea Algae Extract within the mask, which is another antioxidant-packed hydrating ingredient.

Completing Your Skin Care Routine

Wondering what Serena Williams does once she is done with her eye masks?

She finishes up her skin care routine with a hydrating eye cream, along with a rich moisturizer.

Both an eye cream, as well as a moisturizer, work by forming a protective layer over the surface of the skin. This is so important at night, because this is the time during which your skin is healing and regenerating. This is also when your skin uses up a large portion of its moisture, so having that protective layer over the top to minimize trans-epidermal water loss is always handy.

Need a new eye cream and moisturizer?

If you want one that will support the ingredients in the Vitamin C Serum and the Resveratrol Age Defying Eye Serum, then you would be best off picking one from Vine Vera’s collections.

The Resveratrol Eye Collection Dark Circle Eye Cream will do exactly that. It contains a few of the same ingredients that are in the serum, but also boasts some added extras. 

For the rest of your face, you could consider the Resveratrol Cabernet High Potency Night Cream or, for even more vitamin C, go for the Resveratrol Vitamin C Moisturizer

Serena Williams is constantly being photographed, and this is partly why she fully understands the importance of an effective skin care routine. After all, when your skin is smooth, blemish-free and glowing, it doesn’t matter if you’re caught without any makeup on!