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Skin Care Regimen: Purge and Transition

Spring is all about rebirth and renewal, so what better time than now to revamp your skin care regimen? Chances are the winter was harsh on your skin and it’s seen better days, so purging some products and adjusting your regimen could make a big difference for your skin from head-to-toe. Check out the following ideas to help get yourself started.

Get Rid of Old Products
As much as you may want to hold onto certain pieces of makeup forever, the fact is that they all have an expiration date, and using them past a certain point could mean not-so-pleasant things for your skin such as acne breakouts and cold sores. Go through all your makeup and get rid of anything that is past its expiration date or that smells strange. You’ll also want to sort through your makeup brushes and not only clean them, but get rid of ones that no longer work properly.

Switch Creams
Spring is a time to put away the heavy body and face creams that you’ve been using through winter and switch them out for lighter options. Once the temperatures start heating up, you don’t want to be wearing a heavy cream and feel like your face is melting off. Make sure to look for lightweight creams that include SPF to give yourself extra protection from UV rays.

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Wear Sunscreen
Speaking of UV rays, if you’re one of the many who haven’t been wearing sunscreen all fall and winter, then it’s time to start slathering it on. Choose a sunscreen that has a high enough SPF for your particular skin type. If you’re using sunscreen that you already have, check the expiration date on the bottle to make sure it’s not expired. Every time you apply sunscreen, keep in mind that you’re supposed to apply enough to fit in a shot glass.

Evaluate Your Current Skin Care Products
Go through all your skin care products and really consider if they’re working for you the way you like. You may even want to talk to a dermatologist to get a professional opinion about whether or not the products you’re using are meeting your needs. If certain products just aren’t cutting it, it’s time to toss them and replace them with ones that will provide results.

Create a Routine and Stick to It
It’s not always super-convenient to follow a skin care regimen, but it can definitely be worth it in terms of having better looking and healthier skin. For example, make sure you’re exfoliating one to two times a week, and don’t go to bed – no matter how tired you are – without taking off your makeup. For the latter, makeup remover wipes can be a huge help for making the process easier. When you figure out what you want to do in terms of creating a skin care regimen, it’s important that you absolutely stick to it.

Once you reevaluate your skin care regimen and the products you’re using, it’s time to put your plans into action. Your skin will thank you!