Summer Beauty Hacks

From spending time outdoors to the warmer temperatures, summer is a fantastic season. However, as great as the weather can be, it may not do such great things for your beauty routine. You may find your makeup sliding down your face halfway through the day or your hair suddenly gets super dry. Let’s talk about some summer beauty hacks that just may help you with some of your biggest summer beauty dilemmas.

Use a Face Primer
While there are some who use face primer year-round, there are those who don’t use it at all. However, if you’d rather not use it throughout the year, it’s still a great idea to use it during the summer. Not only does it allow your makeup to go on more seamlessly, but it can also allow it to last longer even through hot days where you feel like you might be melting.

Woman applying sunscreen

Wear Sunscreen
One of the most important tools in your beauty arsenal should be sunscreen. You probably hear about how you should absolutely apply it during the summer, but you should actually be putting it on year-round. One with SPF 15 is great, but SPF 30+ is even better. Put it on about 30-minutes before you expect to go outside, and then make sure to reapply it every two hours or after you swim or sweat. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to spots that you definitely don’t want to miss such as your nose, scalp, ears, feet, hands, and the back of your neck.

Use a Makeup Setting Spray
While the face primer definitely helps, using a makeup setting spray can kick things up a notch and help increase the chances that your makeup stays where it’s supposed to. Consider it like hairspray for your face as it’s the last step to make sure everything is in place and there’s less risk of the makeup moving when you don’t want it to.

Carry Around Blotting Sheets
Blotting sheets are pretty wonderful to use, especially in summer. They come in a small packet so they can easily fit in your purse or pocket, and all you have to do when you start sweating is to very lightly dab at your face to remove any sweat or oil. Don’t rub otherwise you could smear your makeup and/or possibly irritate your skin.

Woman using hairspray

Use a Hair Protection Spray
The summer sun can do a real number on your hair. The color could look dull, it may feel incredibly dry, and it might not look as great as you want it to. Special sun protection hair products block much of the UV rays that can damage hair, and depending on which product you choose, it could come with a whole slew of other benefits such as keeping the frizz at a minimum during humid days.

The summer is all about getting outdoors and enjoying the beautiful weather, not having to stress about your hair and makeup not looking the way you prefer it to. The good news is that just a few adjustments can make a big difference and make it much easier to get through the hot season while still looking fabulous.