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Summer in Style - Vine Vera Reviews

Summer is just around the corner, which means bare legs, pretty dresses and sun kissed skin, but it is important to keep in mind the dangers of the heat. With skin cancer awareness week in mind, Vine Vera presents a few ways to stay safe yet chic this season.

Maxi Dresses
You can’t go wrong with a maxi dress – they are so easy to style, elegant and reveal just the right amount of skin. If you are less confident having your legs bared, then these offer a great alternative to trousers and are much more comfortable in hotter climates. To add some shape and definition, opt for an empire line design or cinch around the waist with a thin belt.

Stylish sandals.

The tops of your feet are real traps for getting burnt in the sun and often get neglected when it comes to applying sun lotion. In order to avoid painful toes and strappy tan lines, why not try a pair of sandals with a bit more coverage, these will keep you cool but avoid too many unsightly white lines.

Best hats for summer.

Summer Hats
Nobody likes a burnt nose or scalp and hats are one of the best ways to look put together but keep you sheltered from the sun’s rays, adding an elegant and glamorous feel to any summer look. Whether it is a wide rimmed floppy hat or a fedora this will ensure your face is protected but also provide the perfect stylish accessory.

Perfect for the beach, or at the poolside there are so many cover-ups on the market that you are sure to find one to suit each and every body type.  These are a usually made from light, breezy fabrics providing a perfect way to keep cool, look good and throw on over your bikini to keep you protected while you lie out.

Fashionable sunglasses for summer.

Sunglasses are an essential at this time of year and if you can afford to invest a bit of extra money in a pair of good quality sunglasses it will really pay off – look for the UV protection rating and aim to have 99-100 percent protection in order to really protect your eyes! They are also a way to really play around with your style and with styles ranging from cat-eye to aviator they will really add an on-trend finishing touch to your look.

Trendy handbag.

If you are heading out in the heat a big straw or canvas bag is not only a great accessory but will hold all of your added extras to keep you safe in the sun  such as, sun tan lotion, water and sunglasses. Steer away from leather, which will be uncomfortable to carry in the heat, canvas is easy to wipe down and perfect for tossing in all your extras at the beach.