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Athletic woman perspiring in the sun

Does Sweating Cause Pimples?

Many people often experience breakouts after they have been excessively sweating, leading them to believe that these pimples have been caused solely by the sweat itself. […]

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vine vera banner presents Key Factors That Influence Overall Well-being

Key Factors That Influence Overall Well-being

Many of us do what we can on a daily basis to lead a healthy life, one where we’re as happy as possible, but in today’s […]

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fist woman workout by the beach

Protect Your Skin After a Morning Workout

Working out is great for your skin and body overall, and if you’re thinking of starting a workout regimen in the morning, there are several benefits […]

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Woman embracing outdoors

The Benefits of Safe Sun Exposure

It’s spring (and almost summer!) and you know what that means: heading outdoors for some good times. Many of us have spent a good amount of […]

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