Getting in shape

15 Minutes Daily to Get in Better Shape

We’ve all said to ourselves, at one point in time or another “I’d like to actually start working out again,” and then promptly proceeded to do […]

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Biking down the street

Vine Vera Exercise Guide: Biking – Vine Vera Reviews

Today Vine Vera brings you yet another installment of our exercise guide, this time we will focus on biking for exercise. Everyone knows that getting healthy […]

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To fighters engaging in a round of boxing

Vine Vera Exercise Guide: Boxing and Kickboxing – Vine Vera Reviews

Today’s exercise guide from Vine Vera focuses on boxing and kickboxing. For decades professional fighters epitomized what it meant to ‘be fit’. They would hit the […]

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Fitness dance zumba class aerobics. Women dancing happy energetic in gym fitness class.

Vine Vera Exercise Guide: Dance – Vine Vera Reviews

Dance has long been a favorite pastime for ages. In the ballrooms of London, England, it was commonplace amongst royalty to throw elaborate parties, complete with […]

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