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woman in the sun

Simple Ways to Get Your Fall and Winter Vitamin D Fix

Vitamin D can have quite a few benefits. For example, it could help you have healthier bones and it may even assist you with boosting your […]

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young woman

Maintaining A Youthful Appearance Below Your Chin

Many of us are doing what we can to slow down the signs of aging, and one of the major steps is to make sure we […]

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Women filtering her water.

Removing Toxins From Your System

There are many who question how to remove toxins from their system in an effort to try and be as healthy as possible. Toxins are everywhere […]

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Women blocking her face from sun with straw hat.

pH Levels of Skin: Preventing Acne, Wrinkles, and Other Skin Issues

You may vaguely remember something about pH from high school chemistry, but did you know that your skin has a pH level? There is a scale […]

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