Woman holding a hour glass

Premature Aging Myths

Think you know everything there is to know about aging? Think again. With the mountains of professional advice and marketing ploys it can be difficult to […]

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Woman eating a salad

Can You Hydrate Your Skin from the Inside Out?

It’s a somewhat commonly held belief in the skincare world that drinking lots of water and eating certain foods can moisturize your skin “from the inside […]

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A woman enjoying a nail facial at a salon.

All About Nail Facials – Vine Vera Reviews

Facials are something many women around the world indulge in, some on a regular basis, and others once in a while; but who says facials only […]

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Woman shaving her legs in the bathtub.

Are You Shaving Right? Vine Vera Reviews

With the spring season finally putting an end to our winter miseries, it’s the perfect time to bring back those sundresses and show off your sexy […]

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