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Woman shaving legs

Why Do Some People Suffer From Razor Burn?

We don’t need to tell you how unpleasant razor burn is. Not only does your skin feel sensitive, but it could lead to bumps, itchiness, and […]

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Women shaving her legs.

Caring for Freshly Shaven Skin

As great as the soft and smooth feeling is of freshly shaven skin, a little extra TLC is necessary to make sure it looks and feels […]

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Woman with beautiful legs

Your Hair Removal Routine, but Better

Everyone has hair, both on the tops of their heads and all over their bodies. This is a fact of life, and there’s nothing wrong with […]

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Handsome man posing for the camera

Men’s Body Hair Do’s and Don’ts – Vine Vera Reviews

Body hair: it’s something that just about every human on the planet has at least a little bit of, but for whatever reason, nature saw fit […]

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