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Skin care

Skin Care Regimen: Purge and Transition

Spring is all about rebirth and renewal, so what better time than now to revamp your skin care regimen? Chances are the winter was harsh on […]

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Woman getting a cleansing treatment

Cleaning Chemicals Dangerous to Skin

There’s a reason so many are opting to use “green” versions of cleaning products instead of using the standard ones that line the cleaning aisles of […]

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Beautiful woman in her fifties

Strategies for Aging Gracefully

Ask a group of people what it means to “age gracefully” and chances are you’ll get a whole slew of answers. While we can’t speak for […]

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Skin treatment

Is IPL Therapy Right for You?

Those who are interested in improving the look of their skin may want to consider IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) therapy. Essentially, what it is is an […]

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