Women putting sunscreen cream on her face.

Tips for Avoiding Sun Damage on Your Face and Neck

There’s no doubt that the sun can feel great on the skin, but it’s pretty incredible the amount of damage it can actually lead to especially […]

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couple squinting from sun

Is Squinting Bad For You?

Squinting may seem relatively harmless, but did you know that it could contribute to wrinkles? Repeated facial movements actually cause fine lines and wrinkles, and in […]

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Woman holding an umbrella

Protecting Skin From Damage on Overcast Days

Contrary to popular belief, your skin is still at risk for skin damage even on overcast days. The sun doesn’t need to be beating down on […]

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Woman shielding her eyes from the sun

Summer Eye Care

As enjoyable as the sun is, it can be pretty harsh on the body, including on the eyes. It’s important to do everything you can to […]

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