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Serving Chianti wine

The Vine Vera Chianti Wine Guide: How to Serve

As the name itself suggests, Chianti wine originates from the Chianti region in Italy. Chianti is typically known to be a dry wine that offers a […]

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Region of Chianti wine growing

The Vine Vera Chianti Wine Guide: Regions – Vine Vera Reviews

The Chianti wine region stretches from Florence to Siena, in the very heart of Tuscany. This entire area resembles the Italy of your dreams. It is […]

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Glass of wine with cheese, fruit and nut pairings

The Vine Vera Chianti Wine Guide: Food Pairings – Vine Vera Reviews

There is nothing like enjoying your favorite wine after a tiring day at work. To really take your wine drinking experience to the next level, you […]

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Glass of chianti with bottle and grapes

The Vine Vera Chianti Wine Guide: Flavor, Aroma and Style – Vine Vera Reviews

This section of the Vine Vera Chianti wine guide helps you understand the various aromas, styles and flavors that you can expect in a Chianti wine. […]

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