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Vine Vera

How to Fake Looking Great When You’re Exhausted

With our busy day-to-day schedules and everything on our to-do lists that has to get done, it’s no surprise when we roll out of bed exhausted […]

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Woman sunbathing

Preparing Your Skin For a Beach Day

The weather is finally starting to warm up as spring is well underway and summer is making its approach, and you know what that means: more […]

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Woman and sunscreen

SPF 30 is the Magic Number Plus Sunscreen Tips

When it comes to choosing a sunscreen, quite a few aren’t completely sure how to go about buying the right one, and we can’t blame them […]

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Woman at mirror

Stay Out of the Alkaline Zone

If you remember back to high school classes, you probably learned all about pH and how there’s a range from 0 – 14 (acidic to alkaline). […]

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