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Tattooed arm

FDA Updates Tattoo Warnings: Health and Safety Tips for Your Next Tattoo

Chances are you either have a tattoo or know someone who does. T They’re quite popular and are essentially portable art and an expression of oneself. However, […]

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Woman with hat

Tips for Preventing Sunburns

It’s pretty safe to say that sunburns are not the most pleasant to deal with. Between the pain, itching, peeling, and damage left behind, the less […]

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Woman on deck chair

Getting Ready to Show Some Skin This Summer

As the winter makes its departure and spring and summer come around, many leave behind the heavy layers and start sporting tank tops, t-shirts, dresses, skirts, […]

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Woman with face mask

The Aging Effects of Urban Dust and How to Combat Them

Let’s talk about urban dust. Essentially it’s the dust, dirt, pollution from cars and buses, and various other particles that you’ll find floating about in the […]

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