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Man moisturising

Treating Common Skin Care Problems in Men

Both men and women deal with their fair share of skin issues, the only difference is that men are usually less likely to talk about them. […]

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Woman sitting

What You Can Do About Cleavage Wrinkles

Just like every other area of the body, the chest is susceptible to showing signs of aging in several ways, including cleavage wrinkles. It can actually […]

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Woman holding ankle

What You Should Know About Cankles

Let’s talk about cankles, the term that refers to when it appears as though there’s not much definition in between the calf and foot. Many women […]

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Woman looking at face

Tips to Improve an Uneven Skin Tone

An uneven skin tone could occur for a variety of reasons including scarring, hormones, and sun exposure, and while you can certainly cover it up with […]

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