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Vine Vera

Woman with waterproof makeup

Tips for Removing Waterproof Makeup

Waterproof makeup can be a great thing. Through tears, swimming, sweating, and rain, it can hold up pretty well, but on the flip side, taking it […]

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Woman getting skin resurfaced

Questions to Ask Your Skin Rejuvenation Professional

So you’ve decided that you want some skin rejuvenation and resurfacing done. Maybe you have a scar you’re not happy with, you have dark patches, you […]

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Woman eating chocolate

Foods That Support Heart Health

We don’t need to tell you how very important your heart is which is why it’s so essential to take excellent care of it. While fish […]

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woman in the sun

Simple Ways to Get Your Fall and Winter Vitamin D Fix

Vitamin D can have quite a few benefits. For example, it could help you have healthier bones and it may even assist you with boosting your […]

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