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Vine Vera

couple squinting from sun

Is Squinting Bad For You?

Squinting may seem relatively harmless, but did you know that it could contribute to wrinkles? Repeated facial movements actually cause fine lines and wrinkles, and in […]

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womans clean hands in bowl

Keeping Your Nails and Nailbeds Clean

With all of the surfaces your hands touch to everything they have to do on a daily basis, it’s no surprise as to why your nails […]

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Woman with a sunburn

Remedies for Peeling, Sunburned Skin: What to Do and What to Avoid

When you get a sunburn, peeling skin is one of the unfortunate effects. While using aloe vera, an antibiotic ointment, or a moisturizer can do wonders […]

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Woman checking her skin in mirror

Beware Squeaky Clean Skin

There may have been a point in your life where you were thrilled that your skin felt squeaky clean after you washed it considering you were […]

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