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Vine Vera

Women shaving her legs.

Caring for Freshly Shaven Skin

As great as the soft and smooth feeling is of freshly shaven skin, a little extra TLC is necessary to make sure it looks and feels […]

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Women using blotting sheet.

Causes of Increased Oil Production

There are quite a few reasons why you might notice an increase in oil production in your skin. While the causes might not seem very important, […]

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Stressed woman

Ways Stress Shows on Your Skin

From bills and relationship woes to heath problems and work issues, there are so many stressors that we have to deal with on a daily basis […]

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Woman holding an umbrella

Protecting Skin From Damage on Overcast Days

Contrary to popular belief, your skin is still at risk for skin damage even on overcast days. The sun doesn’t need to be beating down on […]

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