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Woman looking in the mirror

Surprising Ways You Trash Your Skin

We all know of certain things that can have a negative effect on the skin, for example, sleeping with your makeup on, not using products that […]

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Family painting the dog house

Preparing For A New Family Pet

As exciting as it is getting a new pet, it can be completely nerve-wracking, especially if it’s been awhile since you’ve had a pet in your […]

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Woman drinking coconut water

Multiple Modes of Hydration

While it’s important to stay hydrated year-round, it’s even more so during the summer months when the temperatures rise, you sweat profusely, and it feels like […]

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Woman getting a paraffin wax treatment

Soften And Smooth Hands With Paraffin

Chances are if you’ve ever walked into a spa or a nail salon you’ve seen a paraffin wax treatment on the list of services. While you […]

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