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Skin types

The Importance of Knowing Your Skin Type

The skin is the largest organ of the body, and considering how much it has to deal with on a daily basis, it makes sense that […]

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Road trip

Planning the Perfect Road Trip

There’s rarely a bad time to take a road trip. Sometimes, it doesn’t even matter where you go or if you have a destination, but more […]

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Laser liposuction

Lipo By Laser

Laser liposuction, also called laser lipo, involves using lasers to remove excess fat from the body. Essentially, it melts fat and may also have skin-tightening benefits. […]

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Woman applying sunscreen

Where Sun Fits in Your Skincare Routine

Many of us have loved getting outdoors and spending time in the sunshine since we were little. As great as the sun is, the older we […]

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