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Vine Vera

Woman holding her pet dog

Protecting Your Pets & Plants From Sun Damage

The sun is a wonderful thing, but it can be harsh on everyone, especially when the summer comes around along with the hot temperatures. As resilient […]

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Woman enjoying the sun in a beach

Dermatologist Approved Sun Protection Tips

With it almost being summer, chances are you’re spending more time outdoors than usual, which means you have to be even more cautious with how you […]

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Woman getting a stimulation massage

Tighten Your Belly Skin After Pregnancy or Weight Loss

If you’ve recently lost a good amount of weight or you’ve had a baby, you may have a substantial amount of loose belly skin that you’re […]

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Makeup artist applying makeup

Tips from Celebrity Makeup Artists

Chances are there has been a time or two when you’ve seen a celebrity walking a red carpet event and you’ve wondered what the secret is […]

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