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Vine Vera

Woman getting underarm treatment

Dealing with Dark Underarms

Are you thinking spring? Have you found yourself mentally planning spring or summer outfits while you dream of warmth and abundant sunshine? If so, tank tops, […]

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Woman holding a hour glass

Premature Aging Myths

Think you know everything there is to know about aging? Think again. With the mountains of professional advice and marketing ploys it can be difficult to […]

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Woman applying hand cream

Anti-Aging for Hands

You know that your face isn’t the only area of your body that shows signs of aging. Your neck, chest and hands are also areas where […]

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Woman scrubbing legs

Why Exfoliation is Crucial to Looking Younger

There are constant beauty buzzwords that get thrown around and it can be hard to know what skin care steps you should be doing and what […]

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